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When I was a kid I used to go around shirtless, too! I loved the freedom and innocence that accompanied.

What I miss most though is being able to come out of the shower with the towel just wrapped around my waist. I hated that after puberty I had to come out with the towel wrapped around my upper body too, like my mother.

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The one thing I'm jealous of boys of is their flat, hard chests, and their ability to flaunt them in public.

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Thanks for the support, it's good to know that people can empathise with me, it's refreshing from the constant refrains of "why can't you dress like a girl?" "why can't you grow your hair?" "do you want to be a boy?".

The problem is I can't discount myself for their happiness. I'd gladly sacrifice other aspects of my life, but not something as personal yet unimportant as my appearance. I am still their daughter after all, I answer to the same name and think the same way and say the same things, no matter if I'm wearing a pair of pants or a skirt. I wish they could see that.

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Thanks for the replies :D I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets tired of being lumped into a category simply because I'm in a certain outfit. They all need to remember that clothes do not make a man!

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Thank you :) I think that if anyone is going to categorise me as something, they might as well categorise me as a dog lover, because that is more pertinent to my character than my gender.