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this post makes my heart smile.

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Hi, TCC! Have done all of the steps above. Thanks for the opportunity!


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All instructions followed; count me in! <3

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Lawd, Luvvie, the stories I could tell you come tax season... I do taxes for one of the bigguns, and the stuff we see. Just MESS. Just the other day this guy (who was 20) was tryna claim 2 kids he said was his, but he didn't have social security cards. What he DID have though, was a cut up sheet from a previous return, blocking the original person's name off. When I asked for his "daughter's" birthdate, he points at the sheet, where it was written under each kid's name. Not to mention, he couldn't keep his stories straight about who lived with him and when, and the kids had different last names as his (usually not a big deal, but one of them was a Jr. Not his name. and was supposedly his "son.") GTFOHWTBS. I ain't losing my license over this bool!

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Woohoo! Happy 3rd e-birthday, Awe Luv! I remember the days before the name change... when I was still the mere occasional lurker. :)

Anyway, this blogstravaganza looks like quite the soiree! Do I need to bring my monocle to any of the e-vents? I'll be there with bells on!

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Wow, sounds like the jean party was a hit! Now I need one... Might not be able to get in those jeans (no Ginuwine), but the Gap does curb my argyle sock craving, among other things! Anyway... I'm

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Hooray! I have an avatar now! :)