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I've heard of people passing out little bells or flags that the guests can waive. You can put a little note on each one explaining a bit (or not) and that they should ring/wave when they are happy for you or something.

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I also want to point out that your partner can help with wedding planning while not really helping with WEDDING PLANNING. In other words, I care way more about the decor and color scheme than my FH does and because I'm spending most of my free time on the wedding, he's made sure that I don't have other things to worry about. In other words, I haven't picked up an instrument of house cleaning in months.

Yes, it's about balance and balancing each other's strengths and weaknesses but it's also about picking up the slack when the other partner is consumed/stressed/crazy and balancing out core tasks in your relationship. Just because you tend to do certain things better or you do the dishes and he cooks doesn't mean that if a big life event comes up, you can't switch roles sometimes. You need to be flexible in a relationship and sometimes that means doing something that your generally not as good at because your partner is freaking out about wedding planning or their thesis or whatever. And hopefully, they will do the same so it will balance out in that way as well.

Which all goes back to Ariel's point that learning to cope with these things that come up in wedding planning is a really good learning step for how to handle different things in your relationship.

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omg! i LOVE this! Love it. It's so subversive ... and would make for GREAT pictures. You should sent it to an organization fighting for marriage equality and let them use it!

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which not to say that I don't understand those who have chosen to not get legally married. I just think that as a movement it doesn't make sense to ask people not to marry and shame them as if they therefore don't care about same-sex marriage because they choose to get married.

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Thank you. I find the whole "boycott marriage" thing to be offensive and ineffective at best and offensive and exclusionary at worst. Getting married doesn't make you a traitor.

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We're including a passage from the Massachusetts Supreme Court case that legalized same sex marriage. Unlike our other readings we are having the officiate begin it with "As the Massachusetts Supreme Court said in their landmark case .." So we are not being completely explicit - unfortunate because we know we have people coming that do not support same sex marriage but we wanted to include something.

(same as what sarah said except we changed all the "civil marriage" to just "marriage."

what about:
Marriage, according to the law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. While this marriage, happens to be between a man and a women, YOURNAME and PARTNERNAME believe that marriage is ... (whatever you want to say here that does not refer to gender) and they sincerely hope that all loving couples will one day have the great privilege of standing in front of their friends and family to declare their love and commitment just as YOURNAME and PARTNERNAME are about to do today.

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Maybe, just as you ask posters to title their wedding, you could ask them if they'd like to self-idenitfy as a "plus-sized" bride for example and also ask them if there is any label they'd like to see. Maybe some women just don't use the term but wouldn't object to their post being classified as such. i do, however, think it's useful to have all weddings with two brides be labeled "lesbian-wedding" (or perhaps another term?) because it helps people find those weddings they are interested in.

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What about Southwest flying for weeks with planes that weren't inspected for safety and even had cracks in them?