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Beware these bogus polls by the liberal media. This is nothing less than another attempt to manipulate the GOP nomination process so that the party nominates the weakest, most unelectable candidate that Obama, regardless of how poor the economy might be, can still beat in 2012. We must change the party's primary process from winner-take-all to a proportional distribution so that someone with as little as 11% in a crowded field nevertheless wins all the delegates. If this had been the case in 1996 or 2008 Bob Dole or John MCCain would have never been the party's presidential nominee. It is now a 24 month dash to November 2012 and the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media are going to say anything and do anything they think will enable them to hold on to power. They were bloodied badly on Tuesday and they're down but not out . We have unfinished business in 2012. We're the irresistible force and they are not quite the immovable object they'd like us to believe. We cannot afford to let up for a moment. Lets finish the job in 2012.

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Once again you have astounded me. With your visceral intensity I initially saw you as a hard-charging woman in a business where few women let alone a transgendered person would find serious favor. But by your balancing it with nimble confidence and thoughtful versatility a dynamic character emerges that evokes a strong feeling to want to see more of you. Based on just the preview of your new film it's crystal clear -- to me anyway -- your performance felt as effortless as it did limitless. And while inspiration can be elusive, a glimpse of beauty that is difficult to describe, everyone in this film resonates to invite an endless sense of fascination, creating an expression that is both suggestive and refined. In other words, it's a very
good movie. To everyone involved, the best of luck.