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You Islaqmistprobic people needed to stop being racist. There where muslim in the colony of Mass. Bay. I learm about all the major religion in 1968 in 10th grade world history class in Lindenhurst New York state. Many Hight School in America didnot treach world history come other people point of view. I convert to Islam after 9-11 which our own government carry out. Nowday your tyical Islamistprobic racist is against any treaching of world history in Hight School today. The major religions shape all of the major cilivation today.

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How can you administrator delete my posting unless you are than racist .

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What you far rightwing criminal forget you are the bad guy. In fact Congress can declare your state have than illegal government by the contitution of the United State than they can take over running your state from Washington D.C.. Yes I than a america that convert to Islam and the new Miss America is than smokeing Hot beautiful woman.

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Tyical Far Right Wing action by the far rightwing Judical Watch. Judical Watch doesnot wantany minority to vote which is illegality by itself. So you far rightwinger shut up I as than white muslim(which make me than minority) I talk to some black member of our mosque than they donot consider the black GOP chairman than real black person they use the word Uncle Tom for some reason in talking about him.

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It isnot illegality to have foreign bank accounts as than usa citiz but you must reported it on your tax form to the government with how much money is in each accounts. Many bussien people have swiizz bank accounts and they report then to our government.

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Jack Kennedy terrorism is very hard to defeat without creation more terrorist. Not all 18.7 million muslim are terrorist the huge magority of that 18.7 million just support the terrorist. We will lose in Afghanistan like so many other imperial empire lost there Afghanistan nickname in world history is the graveyard of empires. We are slowly winning the modist muslim over to our side if we can shut the far rightwing christian crusader in americia who want than other religious war with Islam like europe did when they invade the holyland in the middleage. Islam isnot the only terrorist in the world the us marine corp are one of the biggest terrorist org in history.

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First we have the legal right to enforce our banking law on foreign own banks that want to do bussien here. Than UBS make than huge fourtin in aiding our wealthly criminal hideing the money from our government.

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USAghost you are than hater plain and simple. Do you know that according to the CIA World Fact Book that Islam is now the largest religion in the world with 21.01% of the world population in 2007. There is over 1.87 billion muslim in the world than only 1% of that number support terrorism. If
our government follow your far rightwing idear we would be loseing the war on terror instead of slowly winning it, first terrorist arenot one nation or one entric group which can be defeat by military action. The usa needed the help and aid of muslim civil right group like CAIR to foil terrorist attack around the world. Than there is now over 12 million plus muslim america citiz in america now than only 1% of 1% of that number support terrorist. So please use your brain to think matter thought.

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Robert Spencer isnot than Islamist Scholar where is his degree in Islamist Study. He is just than far right wing hater.Islam is now the larger religion in the world with 1.86 billion plus follower on earth. It is the second largest religion in america with over 12 million follower.

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I see the far right wing hater are out in today in number. We needed to treach then correct thinking like in political correct thinker. First we needed to end all hostile action against Islam and muslim around the world. Then we needed to get rid of all righter winger who think incorrect out of the government what civil serive comm you are fired.