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I think the price is fair given all the features. My JoMoX 999 might get a little jealous once I've got this beauty on my shelf. I've considered getting an MPC mostly for the live feel of the pads, but this is so much more up my alley. After drooling over the concept pics for so long, I'm really excited that this machine is really coming!!

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Have you heard G-Sides or D-Sides? I think this is well in keeping with those albums: rough, whimsical, and fun. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the PB-Sides.

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I've only heard the single 'Raise Your Weapon' so far, and I quite like it. I'll definitely be picking up the entire CD soon.

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I wonder if that counts legally as a bike horn/bell? Mayhaps I should strap a Monotron to my bike to properly avoid that $85 fine that they hand out for no bike horns around here.

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I caught the tour when it came to my neck of the woods - what a top notch show it was! It'll be interesting to see what Damon has concocted with his iPad. If you're on tour and inspired, why the hell not make an iPad album?

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Autechre's Oversteps and Crystal Castles were the ones that have held my attention this past year. I've either forgotten about or haven't yet experienced the rest of 2010's electronic offerings.

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MSTRKRFT, Justice, and Aphex Twin all on the same page, Synthtopia? I'm a happy dude. Every now and then it's good to have a break from Brian Eno and Jean Michel Jarre.

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Haha! I'm happy to re-visit this. Aphex Twin and Chris Cunningham sure did put together a delightfully messed-up piece of work.

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Nice! I love what these guys do with synths.

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YESSSS!!!!!!1 Why didn't I think of this first?!? Japan, save some awesome for the rest of us.