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The title's great, and I love the concept of the book! I am anxiously awaiting the final product!

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An incredibly motivational post. Sometimes as Leaders -- whether in the family or in business, we can see our position as one to give direction and guidance, and too often we choose to do so by words. Your example is a reminder that our actions speak must more loudly (and clearly) than words do, and all the motivational words in the world are meaningless if our actions do not coorespond.

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Yep, Vern. The light DOES stay on!

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Final approval and publication of my first novel -- a life long dream!

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Wow! My pulse was up just WATCHING it!

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I headed out the door at 6:10 AM to go cast my ballot. I arrived at the polling location just three minutes later (it’s just around the corner), and had to park at the Doctor’s office across the street because the school parking lot was full and cars were already lined up along the street.

The long line of waiting voters stretched outside the door, down the side of the building, across the parking lot, and began to wrap back around the parking lot.

After waiting twenty minutes in line outside, a poll worker came outside to announce that voters from my District could go inside and begin voting. There were apparently two Districts voting at the same location, and the bulk of the turnout was for the other District. Several of us walked around the line and entered the school, walked across the gym to our District polling area, and joined a much smaller line.

In less than ten minutes, I had ballot in hand, cast my vote for John McCain, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, Greg Zoeller for Indiana Attorney General, Tony Bennett for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Gabrielle Campo for U.S. Congress, and others.

I have been a voter for two decades and have never had to wait in line to vote like I did today. This will surely be recorded as a record turnout in America. What does this say of our political climate today? I think it says that one side of the population wants to be a part of history while the other side wants to make sure that history doesn’t stand in the way of what’s best for the country. That’s my view, anyway, and probably the view of most voters who cast their ballots similar to mine.

History is a great thing. Being a part of history is a great thing. America is absolutely ready for the first Black (or is African-American the politcally correct term these days) or first female in the White House. More importantly, America is ready for the right person in the White House, and I encourage all Americans to cast their vote with their mind, not their heart.