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Homophobic atheists may be as rare as openly gay Christians;)

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................Even the training of teachers is monopolized by the RCC, where they indoctrinate, (yes, that word again), student teachers, and discourage secular teachers from positions in their schools.
I have nothing against a priest teaching as long as he keeps his religion out of the classroom. As the slogan goes: "Don't preach in my school and I won't think in your church".

(The second half of your comment is just rubbish and can just as easily be turned back on yourself).

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It is so blatantly obvious , indoctrination or brain washing, take your pick.
If Catholic faith schools were so "normal" and so inclusive and innocent, and were no different from secular schools, why is the RCC trying it's damnist to keep their control over them, if you don't have an agenda. Or is it a case that they, arrogantly, know best for everyone? Even calling them Catholic schools is advertising the fact that they are biased.
I am against their control on education because it is biased, non-inclusive, abuses the rights of both parent and child, and this is plainly wrong and must stop.
Minorities are having their rights trampled on by Catholic schools, be they of other religions or non-religious, or indeed even Catholics themselves, and these minorities are growing in number. In something as fundamental as children's education there is no more tolerance for an organization that ignores the rights of the minority simply because they are in the majority. Ireland has had more than its fair share of this............

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................Little Catholic boys and girls will not have their religion taken away from them, but they will also learn about other religions and life stances, making them better, more balanced adults who are able to think for themselves and respect others. They then can make the right decisions for them, with all the information available, free from the blinkered and brainwashed state that faith schools produce in the young. Exactly what Ireland, and indeed the World needs. Surely you have nothing against that now?
That is what is happening in integrated and non-denominational schools, and will only spread, which is why your church is against it. But these changes are happening both north and south and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Maybe the RCC should start thinking about Sunday schools, because the separation of church and state, especially in education, is just around the corner.
There are plenty of examples of abuses by the RCC in education and Human Rights Committees in the UN and the European Union are investigating these.

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Catholic faith schools are used for indoctrinating children with Catholic superstition and you calling it a rounded education is not going to disguise that fact.
Getting rid of priests from schools will open up the education system to all children, and scare-mongering by you is only doing harm. How can maths or English, taught by a regular teacher rather than one controlled by priests make for a dull materialist and functionalist instruction? It's complete rubbish and you know it. Control on a new generation to fill the coffers bound for Rome is the agenda.
The RC church has always meddled in people's lives, and education is just another example of that..............

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............This is a clear violation of Article 2 of Protocol No. 1 of the European Human Rights Convention.
The common curriculum in NI schools, (English, mathematics, science and technology, the environment and society, creative and expressive studies), leaves quite a lot of room for developing a personal agenda.
A biased study of religion, should be taught outside regular school hours, that's what Sunday school is for.
All religions are prejudiced superstitions.

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What! Me prejudiced against religion? Now why would you ever think that?

I'm glad you realize maths doesn't have a religion, as well as languages, PE and all the sciences including domestic, (unless you're baking the body of Christ).
Nothing churches need to be involved in, and that includes the subject of religion. Learning about all religions and none is also an important subject and should be taught from a neutral perspective. It is obvious that Catholic faith schools will not give up their monopoly voluntarily so the state must step in to insure the human rights of both child and parent, which faith schools continually ignore.
In short, Catholic religious education in faith schools is not objective, critical nor pluralistic. It is mixed with Catholic religious instruction, thus taking up valuable "learning time", and makes it impossible for children to opt out..........

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I like the sound of that!
We just need to extend the George Best runway out to Bangor and re-fit Harland and Wolff to build space shipsxD

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I like the idea of holding the CEO to accountability. After the trial, being sentenced to eternity in jail:D

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What, all religions?