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I'm thinking yes but who knows. Anyone have any idea where the movie is supposed to cut off? What I mean is what scene/chapter of the book will be the end of BD Pt. 1?

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I like the new layout! It's pretty nice! When I first came to the page I was all "oooh, they changed it!"..I have missed you! But I understand. Your education NEEDS to come first. It is a great excuse. Anywho I know this is TWILIGHTers but does anyone know where I can find info on what's going on with The Host movie? Really...You'd think they would be rushing to get that done considering everything Stephenie Meyer touches nowadays turns to gold.

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I totally agree. What's the point? Just to be annoying ...or in Rob's words ..a D...oh snap.

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I would like to win ADULT STACK 3, because it is the only stack that I do not own multiple books in (or any for that matter) and because it contains at least 4 books that I have on my "list" to read. I recently did some spring cleaning myself and have two and a half empty shelves on my bookshelves and would love to being filling them with these! I'll share these books with my two best friends who I swap books with frequently and if there are any that we do not like when all is said and done I will donate them to my local library. I am a total bookworm and would love to expand my collection. (AND just to butter you up) I have a "Special Books" Shelf which I tend to keep my all time favorites on. SHIVER and LINGER are on that shelf with the likes of "Mortal Instruments", "Harry Potter 1-7", "The Sookie Stackhouse Novels"," Hush, Hush" and Cresendo" and "The Host". Thanks so much! I HOPE I WIN!

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The sad thing is ...this is my home town. They've been here for months and I'm still yet to get near them or run into any of them. I've driven to the studio several times but it is under MAJOR lock down. There's a facebook page called "Twilight takes over Baton Rouge" you can see a few shots of the stars there.

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I'm sorry I have to vote Damon on this one ...I've been in love with Ian for far too long to vote for Rob ...ha.

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Lol I guess we better make sure we all see it asap huh? Wouldn't want to world to end without seeing the final installment!

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Yea like that's necessary...they could've released it in June or July 2012 at the latest.. I never will understand why they film a two part movie all at once and then release the two almost a year apart.

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Yay! I live about an hour from Baton Rouge! This makes me happy!

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Yeah I wish my husband had thought to be that romantic.