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I cannot believe that OC Republican Supervisor Janet Nguyen gave the Santa Ana City Council almost two hundred thousand dollars, so that Mayor Miguel Pulido can have a clay tennis court built for him at Cabrillo Park. What a waste of money!

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I agree! BTW, I wonder why Matt/Jubal still hasn't told his readers that John Lewis has endorsed Daly over conservative Republican Shawn Nelson, for the 4th District?

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There may be efforts to recall some of the other guys who voted for the budget, but why did Jubal exclude them from his own Facebook screed against Maldonado? It just looks bad, doesn't it?

I know DeLuz. He will never be elected to anything. Perhaps when the districts are redrawn he may have a chance, but the fact is your party is down to about 30% of the voters. Those aren't winning numbers.

Many of your own party leaders told you at this weekend's convention that your party needs change. I suggest you listen to them.

And please don't try to tel me about Latino voters. I know a lot more about that subject than you ever will. I served as the OC GOP's first Hispanic Outreach Director. Those days are long gone. You guys are not even trying to reach out anymore. It is very sad.

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Why are you picking on Maldonado while ignoring all the non-Latino GOP legislators who voted for the budget, such as Anthony Adams?

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Does this mean we can expect you to start a Facebook campaign against Adams, like the one you started against Abel Maldonado?

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You are a brave blogger. I have never seen anyone on this blog take issue with the GOP in this fashion. Bravo! I hope Matt and Scott don't toss you overboard...

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You are quite right. Time to join the Libertarian Party. Go to

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Didn't they try this already with their ill-fated "Juice" web TV site? It is already on hiatus. This sounds like another disaster in the making...but I expect better from There is an audience for that message, as we saw with Ron Paul's following last year.

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I should have backed Paul Walters instead of Hutchens...

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Sorry! I didn't notice it was written by my former blogger, the "coach!" Hopefully he can answer my question. Thanks.