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Raichu: Zoroark is beyond reason but he's from Viridian Forest - He's my brother
Mienshao: He whited out eighty trainers in two days.
Raichu: He's Link Traded.

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In the future, there will be a Gabe in every closet for every person. It's called Steam 2.999999999999

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This is just stellar :D

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Promotion?! The bastard is lucky to still keep his job! THE WORK PLACE IS *NOT* A SOCIAL SEX CLUB.

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Oh, you want a flame war on regielion? I'LL GIVE YOU SOME CONTROVERSIAL REGIELION!

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I'm in another country, so i couldn't watch it. Followed a forum, though.

Bleach *has* to air because Adult Swim bought a shitload of rights so they can't waste their little money on not airing it.
Afterwards there was Deadman Wonderland, apparently it was fucking creepy and insane, but so insane that it went to hilarity. Then Casshern Sins, which was fairly good.
There was a game review, too. But there weren't that many bumpers.
All in all, gotta get those ratings up so that Toonami gets more budget and therefor gets better.

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Man, Link sure TIMED it right!

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It got awesome for a while, Team Plasma was going to use Liepards and choppers to create mass destruction and terrorism, which included destroying a skyscraper in the middle of a fancy Team Rocket party, and Jessie and James were getting a powerful meteor gem to power their laser beam gun to kill shit. Buuut, well, a week before these episodes were set to air... the Japan earthquake happened, so that plot was boxed and never used again.

Jessie and James do professional heists on occasion, though.

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Ash chose Pikachu before it was cool.

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"Catch ALL Pokemon and win the league? Pfft, i don't let the big man choose MY dreams."