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This episode's awesomeness had a lot to do with it's director. Benioff and Weiss should just put Neil Marshall on retainer for all episodes that need a filmmaker's eye.

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I'll be the first to say that as annoying as Andrea has been written for the show I'll still stick by her seeing how she's finally turned the corner from being that annoying victim to what looks like Annie Oakley in this episode.

As for Glenn's new means of zombie killing. It's a Gerber Gator Machete Pro. Brother and I actually bought one each when we first saw it during the new season's first episode when they first showed it.

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From my experiences with the Battlefield series from the beginning I definitely think BF3 will be the better game overall. The ability to be able to pilot and drive vehicles during on-line multiplayer will make matches more fun than what we've come to expect from the COD franchise.

I wouldnt be surprised if Activision decides to add vehicles to next year's COD entry.

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It's because most people probably have never heard or seen the Howard Hawk's version. In terms of narrative Carpenter's remake counts more as the original since it's the truer adaptation of the Joseph W. Campbell short story it was based on. The Hawks version only shared the setting and the title.

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My expectations for this will be tempered since they made some major changes from book to film. I will say Max Brooks was ok with said changes so who am I to disagree with the writer of World War Z.

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We had the same teaser trailer in the end. The one above is just a sneak peek at that very same trailer which is why it's not as long.

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This one actually looks much closer to the Judge Dredd of the comics. Well, as close as one could get it to look since Dredd's design was so stylized to be the huge squared-jawed lawman. I don't think anyone could pull off the perfect Dredd look.

Going to be interesting to see who the main villain is in this version since the producers haven't given any clues as to who or what may go up against Dredd. My money goes to Judge Death .

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It's not a reboot, but really a prequel to Carpenter's original. The events in the film will take place in the Norwegian base that MacReady visited during the film. So, we find out what happened after they dig up the Thing and how it got loose in the base.

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If there's one drawback with Bethesda Games is that they will always come out with some bugs to the gameplay. It's just the nature of the game being so huge that they could never find all the glitches. I expect the same with Skyrim, but that won't stop be from preordering whatever super-limited-ultra edition Bethesda decides to sell.

I still think ME3 will get RPG of the Year, if not Game of the Year from most groups.

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As a first-issue fan of the comics one would think I would have a major issue with deviating from the source material. I actually don't mind it since it brings in a sense of the unknown and unpredictability. If I wanted a panel-by-panel, page-by-page adaptation of the comics I would rather just take them off my shelves and re-read them.

I will admit that the writing has been uneven for this 6-episode starter (I refuse to call it season 1), but even some of the geekiest shows beloved by many started quite uneven and slow. Whether it was Lost, The X-Files and all the Joss Whedon shows, they all took near to half to 2/3 a real season to find their footing.

I didn't mind "Vatos" because it does lay down the groundwork for future story-arcs which shows Rick's ability to lead into question not just from those in his group but him as well. The "Vatos" episode pretty much shows how Rick can be so intractable about his principles that he would get into a gunfight not to break them. A lot of the six-episodes shows Rick in his "white hat" trying to stay in the moral path, but as we've seen in the comics that "white hat" gets tarnished in time.

The detour into the CDC didn't need to happen, but it wasn't as bad a change as fans make it out to be. It did one thing for the group that sets-up Season 2 and beyond. It gave the group hope and the false sense of security that they've found a safe haven. To have that ripped from them without even a full day of rest and relaxation and to find out that there really is no safe haven out there makes for a compelling turn of events.

Even people's complaints about the TS-19 demo is somewhat unfounded since the scientist admitted it himself that no one knew what caused the infection. When Jacqui commented that maybe it was the wrath of God, Jenner didn't disagree. The episode also does away with the one question many fans of the show have been asking since the beginning: how did it start and is there a cure?

Well, the episode answered both and the answers are no ones knows and no there's no cure. Now, the show's writers don't need to re-visit that particular question and just concentrate on the group's attempt to survive out on the road.

I agree with Student_20 that educated people are not immoral, cowards and the like. But I have to say that extreme situations will make even the bravest and most moral individual act in ways contrary to their beliefs. I wouldn't say the doctors at the Senior Center and at the CDC were cowards. They were just people who wanted to be with their families. If those same doctors stayed and allowed their families to die outside then I think we'd be hearing the same condemnations from the very same people.

As I've mentioned in my own blog's review I cannot judge this show based on 6-episodes. Now if the show continues to remain uneven by Season 2's finale then something is definitely rotten in Georgia.