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If there is anything to the concept of Karma, than racist , thuggish, warmongering, expansionist, parasitical, meddling,apartheid, Nazi Israel, is due for an ass kicking of “biblical” proportions!

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Many do not realize that Hitler was never elected. Hindenburg was, an brought his minority party into the government. When Hindenburg died, Hitler succeeded him. The atrocities allegedly committed by the Nazis occurred during a total war, under a total censorship, in a total dictatorship, and, mostly, in occupied territories out of sight of the German people.
Contrast that to Israeli atrocities. They are committed in full view of the world, and literally, only a stones throw from the stolen lands of Israel propper. They agave been committed by all Israelis, men and women in their mass citizen army. They were committed by mom, by dad, by grandma and grandpa, for 70 years. The land thefts, the ethnic cleansing, the beatings, rapes, torture,humiliations and mass imprisonments in open air concentration camps, worse than the Warsaw Ghetto, are a true national pastime. They are mass participation war crimes committed by the entire murderous
Israeli state, and, cheered on by the fifth column, “dual loyalty”,Jewish diaspora, in America and Britain. These racist, thuggish, brutal, policies, have been affirmed in election after election, and leader after Israeli leader, for seventy years.
All things considered, the World War Two German people were by comparison to the Israeli people and their rabid supporters, much less culpable.

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The Jews control our government and this writer naturallly blames it on the Christians. They are useful idiots. But, look who benefits. Look who pulls the strings. Wake up and use your heads!

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Building a narrative??!! That is exactly what the sinister tyrannical surveillance state intelligelligence/gestapo gangs are doing. They are aided and abetted by a completely corrupt Democratic Party which rigged it’s own primaries and a media controlled by the aforementioned completely renegade intelligence/ surveillance state. The whole system is utterly corrupt and toxic. It will NEVER reform itself from within. Like Dracula’s castle ( and every bit as sinister) it will need to be assaultedbythe peasants and townspeople with pitchforks and torches, or, inevitably, be sucked dry of our blood and murdered by a monster government completely unchained by our constitution and Bill of Rights.

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Why not the Kardashian’s!

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Let’s call it what it is, a treasonous, traitorous, FIFTH COLUMN, on behalf of a racist, Jim Crow, apartheid, expansionist, thuggish country, driven by a doctrine of Jewish supremacy, and entitlement, and a rapacious thirst for “lebenstraum”. And, they own us.

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Zionist’s...successful lay manipulating us into war for 100 years.....

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Let’s call this what is is, a toxic, traitorous, treasonous, FIFTH COLUMN.

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Hang in there Michael Scheuer. The enemy, the controllers, though enormously well funded and hugely connected, are less than 1% of the population. They fear you. You are honest, informed, and credentialled. What they do, the way they do it, for whom they do it, why they do it, and who they are, is information that they cannot see widely diseminated. Eventually, when all this is widely known, their quick demise and justice will follow. My hat is off to you. Keep fighting!

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Michael Scheuer is spot on on about Israel's control of the US. Unfortunately, proof of his correctness will mean that the courageous Mr. Scheuer will probably never be published again, and his character will be slandered. While Mr. Scheuer has courage, the media does not. Hats off to him. We need many more like him.