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The US is either a nation ruled by law or it is a tyranny. this judge has just admitted that from his perspective, it is a tyranny and he is just fine with that! No litigant or accused can ever expect to get a fair and independent trial in his courtroom. It just won't happen.

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For goodness sake, it is Oklahoma after all, what did you expect?

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There are also the newly disclosed secret negotiations to tie up all financial trading within Western nations, which deliberately leaves out some BRIC nations such as Russia, China and Brazil amongst others. This is a serious attempt to deliver a killing blow to these countries ability to function on the international financial scene.

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Right on! I wish more Americans understand that.

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Mr. Beck would not be disseminating these egregious lies without Mr. Ailes support. So the buck stops at Ailes desk.

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The US does not pay attention to other countries' laws. It never has and never will. the only way to prevent American espionage on its "friends" is for the "friends" to throw the Americans out holus bolus. If you don't want illegal renditions than keep Americans out. Yoiu would probably be smart to keep Israelis out also. It's strange how Americans and Israelis both are quite willing to use illegal methods and compromise other countries' soverignty whenever they feel like it.

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Mr. Sanchez made the very big mistake of saying "Jews" control the MSM. What he should have said is that "Zionists" control the MSM. The latter statement is undeniably true and while Zionists may include Jews, it also includes rightwing Christian fantatics, atheists and agnostics.

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This whole problem is completely related to who controls the military. Is it the civilian commander in chief or the top generals? I don't beleive for one second that Obama wants to start anothe rwar, let alone a nuclear one. On the other hand I think his generals would love to see the nukes fly. This would be a great experiment for them. They, of course, couldn't care less how many foreigners die during the test.

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I was always given to understand that the true leaders of Iran were the mullahs and that the civilian president was just a kind of figurehead. If that is true who really cares if he is removed? Wouldn't it be more valuable to a form of detente to communicate with the supreme leader, Kahmeni? A lot of nonsense has been written in the MSM about the current Iranian president, much of it false or rife with hyperbole such as the report that he called for the destruction of Israel. Anyone that took the time to get the real story knows that his call was for a greater Palestinian/Israeli state which gave political power to all the inhabitants of the area. This of course will never happen but it is a far cry from violently destroying Israel as the news media portrayed it. As far as Israel attacking Iran believe me if they thought doing so would destroy their relationship with the US it wouldn't happen. So those that think the US would be behind any Israeli attack are actually correct because the US could stop it if so desired.

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Can you imagine how grateful the Queen would be to have a genuine progressive as Her new prime minister? No more having to listen to the Blairs and Browns of this world explain why Her soldiers are dying in foreign lands to help the US consolidate its empire.