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How has Hamas fukd it up?

Hamas agreed to the 67 borders as a basis for a FULL peace with Israel.

Hamas called for an end to suicide bombing in 2005 when they became a full political party.

Hamas agreed to the terms of the Arab Peace Proposal of 2002 THREE times now.

Hamas, the most extreme of the mainstream Palestinian groups is willing to accept a solution in which the Palestinians would receive JUST 20% of historic Palestine.

Hamas abided by the truce in 2008, and did not violate or break the truce in November of 2008, despite the fact that Israel had killed several Palestinians, failed to lift the blockade, and continued to shoot farmers in the Gaza strip.

So seriously wtf are you talking about? This blaming the victim argument is getting really old.

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Furthermore, it shouldn't be taken lightly that this is a man made disaster.

Many commentators, especially in the US media talk about what happened in Gaza as if it were some kind of natural disaster.

Abunimeh breaks it down:

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Thank you for posting this Mohamad.

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The third gender debate...

Bring it! =P

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Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and a few other western aligned Arab dictatorships in the Middle East feared and still fear the emergence of a Shia dominated government in Iraq, due to the cold war between the so called "Western Backed Moderates" and those states that have aligned themselves fully or partially with Iran.

This naturally led to the so called "moderates" allowing scores of fighters to cross into Iraq to stem the spread of the "Shia crescent" as King Abdellah of Jordan called it.

Ironically, it was these retarded zealouts that ended up destroying the Iraqi resistance.

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Eagle... just stop, it was never funny.

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How do I get my hands on Bagram Barbie?

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So how bout some Nancy Ajram? =P

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And there you have it... a whole new level of creepiness.

Good job Eagle =P

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Also, when a Muslim or Arab is celebrated by the media, his specific country of origin is touted as his primary and sometimes sole identity.

However, when a Muslim or Arab from any country is indicted, the entire religion, and the entire Arab world (including its large Christian population) are immediately put under suspicion.

woh wohh =P