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there's a slight possibility that they can sting other corals, but it's unlikely. kenya trees are usually the ones being stung.

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i've never played with the maxspect lights, but keep in mind that the orphek fixtures were designed to replace 400watt halides. they put out huge par numbers and seem to do very well over even large aquariums.

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i'm seeing a video. what browser are you using? i'm on firefox, the most updated version. i can also view it in safari.

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you're right...they were founded in san fran

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a few things...i never claimed anything to be scientific. this hobby is based on the experiences of others, along with a lot of pseudo-science. the article above is merely an informative piece explaining that some hobbyists have encountered problems with tropic marin salt recently. i am purely going off of hobbyists experiences and i've heard from first hand sources that this salt has caused them significant problems. another thing, i was never pointing fingers and trying to tear down tropic marin. in fact, i touted their strict quality control. but let's face it, on the occasion, great companies sell bad products. look at what happened with toyota. a great auto company that had a few bumps in the road. tropic marin is no different. they put out a salt that caused problems in a portion of their customer's aquariums. not everyone running the salt had these problems, but several people did. and more often than not you are going to hear people complaining.

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yeah, that's what i've read too. interested to see how it will all play out.

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yeah, in our follow-up post we wrote that the lights are linkable, despite our initial assumptions.

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actually, we were sent the photo from orphek and have a blanket permission/agreement to use photos provided by them so long as we give them credit. obviously there was a bit of confusion with the info we received, and we will update the article accordingly. but thanks for the heads up on the confusion. i just haven't had time to make the edit quite yet.

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i'm surprised this kit isn't available in your area. i guess you could always order from a us-based distributor and have them ship it to you.

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petco is a sad establishment. they use outdated aquarium systems that are all tied together. unfortunately they are not interested in keeping things alive long term, but merely keeping them alive long enough to get them out the door.