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PM Turnbull, like leaders of almost all other countries on earth, must obey US orders or suffer the dire consequences. The empire rules.

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I don't believe the equipment malfunction story. Farsi Island is about midway between Saudi Arabia and Iran, roughly 70 miles from either coast. If the small US boats were traveling from Kuwait to Bahrain, they would have been, or should have been keeping close to the Saudi coast. For them to have "drifted" maybe 60 miles off course without asking for help or being picked up by another US vessel is simply unbelievable.

Iran has the right to challenge any ship entering Iranian waters, just as the US would if an Iranian or other ship was close to the US shore.

But in fact, the US really has no defense justification for even being in the Persian Gulf. So the US presence is and always has been a provocation and is nothing more than part of the overall strategy of conquest.

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In answer to the question "Will Americans wake up before it’s too late?"

The evidence seems to indicate "No".

There is zero appetite in the masses for even tiny reductions in the "defense" budget. There is not a single "peace" candidate in the presidential race, no, not even Rand. Everybody wants "American leadership" in the world.

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Gotta really love our those allies of ours. Bombing for truth, justice, and the American way! And our brave soldiers are ready to die to defend our ally Saudi Arabia!

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A president could have picked up the phone, called the defense secretary who is the president's employee, and said "I want so-and-so released today. Do it."
I don't doubt that the Pentagon dragged their feet, but the president is just using them as an excuse. He does have some power.
Corruption breeds corruption.

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If its going to be a "hard year", Americans do so by choice. It could be a "great year" if Washington just decided to leave, and let the chips fall where they may.
Obviously the Afghan government has no local support. Washington is propping up a losing cause at considerable cost.

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Speaking of radicalization, the entire Republican party has become radicalized.

"Carpet bombing", "punching Russia in the nose", "turning Syria into glass", "not even going to talk to Putin", "kill muslim families including their children"...

Does this sound like mature adults talking?

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Rubio would not only be a “perfect little puppet for Adelson”, but if Rubio actually made it to office, the generals would walk all over him.
Can you imagine little Marco Rubio sitting at that big shiny table with colorful uniforms all around--uniforms draped with medals? Rubio is going to tell them what to do? Don’t make me laugh.

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Like unwanted guests who refuse to leave, it evidently has not occurred to the foreign squatters that they are not welcome in Afghanistan.

Leave, just leave!

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I'm not holding my breath waiting for tweets from all the presidential candidates that "...their thoughts and prayers are with the Syrian families who have suffered such a grievous loss..."