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That's "Rabbi Katz" to you, Tolany. This man has more Torah in his ear wax than you could scrape together for all the YU Commentator pieces in the world.

And no, this is not shtick. It's the most (only?) plausible interpretation of Rabbi Student's absurd piece. This whole witch hunt was outrageous from the start, and it appears that Rabbi Student feels sufficient discomfort with his own action to try pretending its significance is entirely other than what it really is.

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You're flat out wrong about Family Guy. Go to YouTube and search "Palestinian Alarm Clock" for one example among at least several.

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My "reputation" is not -95. My IntenseDebate rating is.

You got the progressive part very wrong. It's a shame, and false to sociological reality, that you think someone who finds your anti-intellectualism off-putting must be progressive.

The d-bag part is a matter of opinion, but I won't argue it. I don't have much tolerance for your kind of reactionary piffle.

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I know what you said, and that's all that matters here. If you're going to troll around spewing anti-intellectual, pseudo-totalitarian BS - there's really no other way to characterize your comment - then expect people to call you out on it. I don't care who you are or what you are - your ideas, at least those you're expressing here, are pernicious.

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You, on the other hand, make no attempt to disguise your garbage. Only a blind ideologue could spew such anti-intellectual, pseudo-totalitarian nonsense.

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I don't know what your point is. It's certainly crude, it's plainly slanderous, it's cynically sensationalist, it's demonstrably bigoted. In short, it's a blood libel.

Whether or not it qualifies as "contemporary classical anti-Jewish hatred" is an academic point and is not particularly consequential. In terms of the image itself, it appears not to be "classical," and referring to a "hook nose" which does not actually exist merely provides apologists and deniers with an opening to discredit our justified outrage.

Precision: that's the name of the game.

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You're right that this is - literally - a blood libel, but both you and "rulieg" are incorrect about the "hook nose." It's simply not there. Look at the image, in which Netanyahu looks bad, sure, but not very much like the traditional anti-Semitic caricature.

There are strong reasons to express outrage at the publishers of this crude and offensive comic. The bone structure in Bibi's face is not one of them.

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Thomas Jefferson, for better or worse, would reject every last ounce of your reactionary ideology (in favor of his own somewhat reactionary ideology).

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In what ways is he not Orthodox? Your incredulity is confusing. Many Orthodox Jews go to work with uncovered heads. Show me the halacha which puts this behavior outside the pale, especially for a public figure with international visibility.

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Did I say it's a mitigating factor? Show me where I defended Koch.

I replied because "mhloutbeltway" made an obscene and offensive statement, the illogical and sensationalist likes of which is sadly typical of the comments section on Contentions.

How ridiculous that his comment has 19 thumbs up and each of mine a handful down. Our differences, I expect, are not largely substantive - there's a reason I read Commentary, after all - but I aim for precision in my words, rather than cheap and false hyperbole. Who are these people that can't tell the difference?