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Shouldn't that be the 58th state seeing how Obama thinks there are currently 57?

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Yesterday at lunch, an ultraliberal colleague told our group that his recently graduated daughter is "working for the Obama campaign." That's not unusual nor surprising. But, he also said she is working for the "Board of Elections" in Nassau County, New York. Now, the Board of Elections is government agency. How can this girl be working "for the Obama campaign" and be working for the BOE at the same time?

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I read the full article by Hodson and Busseri. The article links the terms "right-wing," "conservative," and "authoritarian" together and assumes that they are necessarily related. I work at a university and can list a number of left-wing, ultraliberal professors who meet the dictionary definition of "authoritarian." For some reason, this concept doesn't seem to occur to the authors.

This is the trick: the authors define the terms according to their own biases and world views. They define the "out-group" and the ideological orientation so that they can "maintain existing social stratifications" (p. 189); i.e., the social stratification that sees conservatives and right-wingers as having lower cognitive ability and greater prejudice while turning a blind eye to the prejudice in themselves and the in-group.

The authors define socially conservative values as "desire for law and order, punitive reactions toward wrongdoers, adherence to social conventions or traditions, and social control" (p. 189). I look forward to seeing them produce a paper analyzing the relationship between low cognitive ability and prejudice in Islamic societies.

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They're going to have to pry my dog out of my cold dead hands...

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No, unbelievers just insist that believers pay for it.

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I appears that is an online shopping site. Was the original website taken down?

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A Democrat is a hypocrite... imagine that! Two of my office mates are major Dem agitators. I have to listen to them checking out woman on The comments they make are disgusting. Yet, to hear these guys tell it, they are the Lib champions of woman--having learned at the feet of Phil Donahue and Alan Alda. All this has done is confirm for me that Libs/Dems will say and do anything to get what they want. They have no ethics or core values.

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An interesting thought. The media has already produced every smear they can think of in regards to Palin. If Palin runs, those smears will be yesterday's news. How long will the public listen before tuning out? Afterall, one of Alinsky's rules is "a tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."

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I just sat on a jury in California trying a gangbanger who shot 30 rounds from an SKS into an apartment. We convicted him of second degree murder. But, 60 rounds?

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Background alone is not enough to convict BO. If it were, folks like me and David Horowitz, who grew up as Red Diaper Babies would also be guilty. BO's current activities are what counts.