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I'm so heartbroken. Andrew Breitbart, you will be missed tremendously by many. The world is a better place because you have been in it. Rest in peace courageous warrior.

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Or to vote.

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"Brains of addicts are inherently abnormal". Just like the brains of liberals and democraps.

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Palin should just quit pretending like she hasn't endorsed a candidate, obviously she favors Newt. Annoy a liberal - vote Newt? I'm no liberal by any stretch, and I would NEVER vote for Newt. I'd like to hear Palin explain Newt's positions over the years, his liberal comments, his praises of most progressive/socialistic presidents like FDR and Wilson, his lies about supporting Goldwater when in fact he was Chair in the South for Rockefeller, just to name a couple of colossal discrepancies. Even Rush Limbaugh still hangs on to Newt, but if it was Mitt who had Newt's past utterances, he would be going at it 24/7.

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MadCow has a twin, it's Sally Kohn.

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Why is this surprising? The only people who would know who Rachel MadCow is would be people who watch her, and therein lies the problem:
1. Extremely few do
2. They would be democraps or liberals, and as such they would never be able to appear on Jeopardy, a show requiring a brain.

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Now that's a great reason to vote for Barry again! For good relations with Hugo? Tell you what Hugo, we'll send you Barry after November, he'll be needing a new job and you'll be needing a replacement soon (aren't you about to croak from cancer?). Despot / dictator is just what Barry's been dreaming of but couldn't pull it off here in the US, but Venezuela will do.

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This feels like deja vu from 1978, when Carter turned against the Shah, who was supposed to be an ally, the same way Obama turned against Mubarak, and ended up with an Islamist regime. Obama owns what's coming in Egypt, sharia law, persecution and death of Coptic Christians and other infidels, public hangings and stoning and the likes. Notice how the Obama regime is silent now? They tacitly approve of the islamist overtake of the Arab Spring nations. They're all going to be infinitely worse off than before thanks to the ineptness and misplaced ideology of that fool Obama. Hillary is despicable as well, plus she looks like a friggin hag, what's up with her hair?

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Funny how the drive-by media, aka the Regime Propagandists, never have a problem when one of their guys is of questionable moral character. Look at how they treat Bill Clinton, like he's some kind of a demigod. I'm not a fan of Newt, nor do I think he's morally exemplary, but he's never raped anyone, isn't a sexual predator, didn't go after girls barely older than his daughter or young girls who worked for him, like Clinton has. He sat on the couch with Pelosi, true, that's really bad, but not as bad as sitting on Bill Ayer's couch getting your political career started, or sitting in the pews of a "spiritual mentor" who is more racist, hateful and anti-American than a grand dragon in the KKK. Let's keep making this about Obama, otherwise we'll be playing right into the hands of our liberal enemies, who are trying to deflect attention from the pathetic loser Obama.

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I agree with you, I can't stand Newt, even though he gives some great answers at debates. Newt's antics and his attacks make me sick, and I would vote for him only if the alternative was Obama, because even Newt is preferable than that maggot. But the story here isn't about Newt being a jerk, it's about Obama being allowed to get away without answering much more serious questions about himself, the fact that the same media (aka propagandists) that is going after Newt now, under the guise of "doing their journalistic duties", completely failed to asked one single pertinent question concerning Obama. If nothing else, I hope Newt turns it around and puts Obama on the hot seat, instead of going after Romney with obsessive rage.