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Just watched this video and I was starting to lose the will to live listening to that droning imbecile; he has no idea how to construct an argument either.

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Yawn! Can't argue without referring to your book of fairy tales, can you? The bible is not a reference book or indeed a worthy tome of philosophy; it would be like me quoting from "The Wind in the Willows" Poop Poop!

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Whoopee, we have an attack of trolls. Well done Mr Crumb, I've long admired his work; Fritz the Cat is an excellent piece of work and this latest cartoon: inspired. It certainly has offended the xtians - but it doesn't take much it seems. What Mr Crumb has done here is to illustrate a section of a work of fiction [the bible] as he see it. Don't forget Mr Estes and Xnilo, many others have been inspired by the bible: Myra Hindley, David Koresh, Adolf Hitler, to name a few; Mr Crumb draws an amusing cartoon but this lot killed people. The bible is probably the most disgusting and violent book around - no wait, it is in second place to the koran.

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Not a reason for bashing religion? Well there are a disproportionate number of child abusers in religious organisations; and let us not forget these priests are in position of trust. Maybe the Cof E is not as bad as the catholics when it comes to kiddie fiddling, but they are up there with the rest when it comes to mental abuse - burn in hell if you don't worship our sky fairy etc.

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Reading this has brightened my day. I bet the xtians et al will be busing in their troops to evangelise.
If only every town and city was godless!

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We may laugh at the hateful Choudary but there are many thousand of muslims in the UK who agree with him; the so called moderate muslims dare not speak out as there is no such thing as moderate islam. Muslims are colonising Europe at a frightening rate - just look at their birth rate - so what Choudary is saying is not so fanciful after all. The BNP and EDL are gaining momentum because our muslim appeasers in Government have failed to remove the likes of Choudary from the UK. I fear very much our future.

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barriejohn, shouldn't that be the old joke: where are they going to find 100 virgins!

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"......100 Christians from across Australia will be at Mount Ainslie.... " Nice target, hopefully there will be a massive thunderstorm and this bunch of loons get struck by lightning.

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What this guy and his like really want is to drag every muslim - and the rest of us - down to his level of ignorance and stupidity; he also wants all those young, vulnerable minds to indoctrinate with anti-Western hate. There is a saying: "The third World travels with them" quite appropriate when it comes to muzzies and education.

But, what a dimwit Ah-mad [good name] is and I wonder how much of tax-payers' money he is getting in benefits.

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Whether or not one agrees with Geert Wilders this is a small victory for free speech and an own goal for our muslim appeasing Government. As I have posted elsewhere, the muslim extremists will now be rallying their rent-mob-chums ready to burn flags and riot upon Wilders arrival.