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The ONLY player in this sodid mess who can hold his head up with pride - is Mr.Putin

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Would be interesting to see the reaction of those "Champions Of Freedom" who are supposed to be "degrading" ISIS whilst providing them with a market for stolen oil via their Turkish Ally.

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Well done . Give the Terrorists something to think about.
Too long they have operated with impunity aided and abetted by the US and its ally Turkey.

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Russia is the ONLY Nation GENUINLY attempting to combat terrorism in the region.
Shame on the other Nations

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As usual the Nobel Peace Prize winner and his minions prove that they are unable to ever speak the truth.

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What a load of BULL____ from the "Champions Of Democracy" - the USG.

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This man (Netanyahu ) is MAD.
The US Senators and Members of the House who toe HIS line are tared with the same brush.
They will all be exposed for the FOOLS that they are. There WILL be a reckoning and it may be sooner than they think.
Netanyahu has NEVER acted in the interests of PEACE or the USA. and yet billions of American taxpayers dollars are lavished on his Country whilst the poor in America forage for SCRAPS.

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They will probably buy the centrifuges to make the nuclear fuel from their friends in the USA using oil as the lubricant.

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Hey! Where is the outcry from NATO, The EU and USG about about aggression against a sovereign nation like there was against Russia invading the Criema (At the request of the Crieman People)).
I don't think the Yemini People invited the Saudi's to attack their Capital.

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The "lap dogs" who masquerade as "American Lawmakers" will never let that happen. To them subservience to Isreal is more important than what is good for America.