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Seriously? A post about a car company looking to explore Android to the tune of at least $70K a year is a bad thing? How much would the annual salary have to be to make it OK?

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WiMax can cover 30+ miles, but for argument's sake, let's say the absolute max is 20 miles based upon the Earth's curvature. But nearly 90% of the US population live within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart (cited here So for argument's sake (and because I certainly don't trust MSNBC) let's say that a WiMax tower on every Wal-Mart in the US would only reach 40% of the population (reduce for WiMax range, saturation, topography, buildings, incorrect data, etc). If you were Sprint and could partner up with Wal-Mart and reach at least 40% of the population with someone like Wal-Mart getting your back (real estate, zoning, building costs, retailing products, etc) wouldn't you take that opportunity? If Wal-Mart is in a community, and it wants to build a freakin tower on it's roof it's going to build a freakin' tower. Someone else wanting to buy real estate and build a tower, eh, maybe not (or at least not without some "considerations"). Plus the area that would be affected the most would be the rural population left out of the 3G rush by every carrier.

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Well I would think that if a deal by any carrier brokered with Walmart, as "Michael" pointed out is within 15miles of 90% of the population, is a pretty damn good deal and the best place to start. One thing you have to realize is that the strength of WiMax is not speed but coverage. WiMax isn't nearly as fast as Wifi but Wifi covers a matter of feet not miles. In best case scenarios, WiMax has been able to reach 70 miles. Now granted, the people past 40 miles might have the same experience as me trying to log into my neighbor a few houses down's wifi (i.e. in and out connectivity with one bar at most) it is still a pretty good place to start. But this would actually be a step that what would benefit the people in rural areas the most, the people without 3G coverage by any carrier. Most people in rural areas don't have the building issue that the 5 boroughs would have; more open space and less people=greater coverage (something to do with physics and RF). That has been Walmart's target market since it's inception. Any carrier can just justify the costs of throwing up towers in an urban area because there are enough subscribers and/or potential subscribers to justify the costs. Walmart presents the unique opportunity to reach millions of neglected consumers because of mere spacial / geographical issues.

So; sorry, but your profound ignorance of the world outside the 5 boroughs, of WiMax, Walmart and the rest of the prevailing facts out weigh the propositions of the above self proclaimed rumor for curiosity's sake article. but thanks for commenting.

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well I think there are a couple of factors to consider, first is that the technology is always improving, so it should get better. Also, when someone is leaving a VM they are assuming that you are going to listen to it, not that it's going to be transcribed. Whereas if you are dictating an email, text, tweet, whatever, I would assume that one would expect the need to enunciate clearly and speak a bit slower. I would expect this even when dictating to a person.

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MyTouch is a great phone, I hope you still enjoy yours! Just my opinion but the MyTouch and G1 are kind of lumped together as they are fairly similar phones and the G1 gets mentioned more often since it has been around the longest and is kind of the standard to compare new phones to. It's hard to say what updates either phone will get down the road, but they are still great functioning phones (I have a G1). Just rest assured that when your MyTouch is finally on its last leg and it is time to buy a new one, there will be a new latest and greatest phone that will be even better than the Nexus One or Droid.

As far as when or if Flash is coming to Android and/or the MyTouch, who knows? It has been "soon" for a year or so at least, so just sit tight and enjoy the app or go to if you tire of the you tube selections!

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I agree that Flash advertisements can be a bit much but I think you're wrong to state that obnoxious advertisements are the only use for Flash. Not only that, but advertisers will find a way to reach us on mobile platforms with or without Flash. The significance of having Flash available for mobile browsers is, hopefully, the standardization across different platforms allowing a more complete mobile experience, good and bad.

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Bert: Hey Ern-dawg, whatcha doin?
Ernine: Hey Bert, just got this new "Droid" phone! Much better than that stupid rubber ducky I've been singing about.
Bert: No wahy bro-sef, you should have totally gotten an iPhone, it's got the App Store. Check it, I can make my voice sound like T-Pain, wicked cool.
Ernie: That's nice, but check out the Google Maps Navigation! I can use it with my voice. Listen: "Droid, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"
Bert: hahahah, check it, "pull my finger" awesome

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I don't where you're looking at but the unlimited data plan to add on to the new pricing is $25 a line. And it's even less if you choose a package with it included. Just yesterday I switched my wife and I's phones over to the even more plus plan and have 1500 minutes and unlimited data and text for $120 /mo. I checked with Verizon to see what the cost would be for the same thing and they told me it would run $180 with 150 less minutes.

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I'm not going to pretend like Google is some big fluffy teddy bear of a company, when it comes down to it they are at it to make money, just like any other company. However, one of the things that appeals to me the most with Google is that they listen to the consumer rather than the consumer listening to them, like Garmin or TomTom (or especially someone like Apple).

I would think that Garmin or TomTom and the like could see this as a potential win. Why not make Android / Google Experience navigation units? Beef it up with their own nav stuff and throw in some more useful features? Morph into more of a nav first MID?

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I think people need to realize that a) this is an opinion piece and b) a quick thought from the writer about his initial reaction to the news, not necessarily meant as a hard-core journalistic expose or anything.

That being said, in my opinion; it is frustrating to see Verizon sit by for a year to see if Android was going to make it and then jump in like they are the clearing the path. No, the path was cleared by T-mobile a year ago. At the same time, it is great that Verizon is spending some money and getting Android out there and more than T-Mobile has. I don't plan on switching from T-Mobile for whatever phone might come along, but in the long run, the more Android users on any carrier benefits us all.