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How do we know those boats actually entered Iranian waters? They could have been hugging the Saudi coast and grabbed by an Iranian raiding party. After all, Iran and Saudi Arabia are practically at war. The official story is all lies and cover-ups, so this narrative is as good as any other until we have more real facts.

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We don't actually know that those boats were grabbed in Iranian waters. Everything else in the official story (stories) is a lie, so why not that?

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Hillary's record shows she is squarely on the side of the Sunnis - so yes the Iranians are her enemies. Hillary is close to the Pakistanis, the Saudis, Qatar, and the Emirates. Obama is closer to the Iranians, as his primary adviser (Valerie Jarrett) is Iranian.

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A conventional Israeli attack on Iran is not practical. An unconventional attack, such as staging a major accident with spies or commandos, may be doable. The real issue here is Iranian retaliation and the possibility of a real war.

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Somehow, I don't think she will make it across the finish line.

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The place must be ready to explode and they are desperately trying to calm it down. That is the only explanation that makes any sense.

It won't work, though.

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The USA won't back the Kurds, but Israel should.

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Why should Americans care if Houthis die of starvation? They have no oil and are allied with Iran. There are no members from the liberal media videotaping tear-jerking stories for a TV audience, the way there would be in more accessible places like Gaza or Lebanon. Let them die. Good riddance.

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Israel has tremendous popular support in the USA. You might not like it, but that is the way it is. Politicians visit Israel because it helps them win votes.

Of course, Israel has fervent opposition as well, as often seen on this site.

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Or where they will escape to if they need to leave.

You can't be a Federal Employee and hold a foreign passport. If you answer honestly about having one, the security office will shred it when you get employed. This is true even for student interns who don't actually get a security clearance, but just base access.

Of course, the above does not apply to elected officials, or Presidential appointees.

Here is a good article describing multiple citizenship around the world