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Wink and map.

I sometimes use other tools to photograph and capture images direct to a map at auction houses.

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Great review Chuck. I have not tested all the features you mentioned, so thank you for informing me. The two that I had already found make a big step forward for this product. The Branch Target makes it clearer and easier to do what you want to do! The Map Snippets are essential to me at meetings, I use them frequently with another application. The third thing I found wasa improved sketching tool for adding a sketch to any branch, a must have for Tablet PC users. iMindMap has two distinctions from any other products: 1. The rapid creation of organic and colourful mind maps. 2. It's the same application on Windows and Mac.

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1) About 5 years of using Tablet PCs TC1100 through to HP 2710p. Using a TC1100 to ink this
2) Yes. Whenever leave the office I use Mind Manager in ink mode to record meetings and speakers. e.g. http://www.conferencereaction.co.uk/business_scen...the speeches and quotes were all ink originally. I h are spent three days in a field at a music festival with a TC1100 producing this. http://www.cabre.co.uk/croplog06/index.html I also painted standing up in the dark in a crowd.
3) As above
4) Have you had a moment or experience where you thought to yourself “Dang I’m glad I have TabletPC . You can paint, do audio recordings, mind map I connect to the WiFi
5) No