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Nice qualifiers.

I am not looking forward to the majority of blog posts regarding lists...

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@Sam - "We all know it's incredibly easy to manipulate those follower counts and 75% of the "followers" are either bots or folks who don't give attention anyway.

Lists solves that problem in my book. "

Are you saying that lists can't be gamed?
It's just as easy to have lists comprising armies of strawmen.

At best lists or whatever social widgets or constructions the networks come up with should be viewed as just tools and not much more.

Anything else is just an exercise is self-promotion and blowing your own virtual trumpet.

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...or you could just do media buys at perezhilton?

re: engagement - while it's good to have a social media presence to make first contact, i think advertisers/merchants don't quite go far enough in constructing step #2, step #3 in the process of building a customer relationship. aside from an intial blitz of publicity for a new product launch, almost all companies drop the ball when it comes to building on the relationship (nope, publishing press releases or giving coupons on your facebook/twitter account once a quarter doesn't really advance the relationship...)