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That\'s awesome! I love her and her book!

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Thanks Mom! Love you too!

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Thanks so much for the comment! I have not used the Activity Scheduler yet but I think I just might go take a look at it right now!

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Thanks for stopping by! I love the Prima Latina so hopefully we\'ll be able to keep using it!

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Sadly the next morning we woke up to bugs in every single one. I was so mad! Oh well, live and learn I guess.

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I had a hard time making the decision to have it done. So far it\'s been wonderful! It\'s so nice not to have to worry about his tubing getting ripped out. If it comes out you just put it back in or use another one. It\'s saved us so many two hour drives down to a hospital that will place a GJ tube. Colby\'s had a lot of surgeries so I don\'t necessarily think this one was any more difficult than others. He did have one stitch herniate and it took a little longer to heal than it should have but now it\'s fine. His stoma is great and we haven\'t had any problems at all. I know that some people have intestinal slowing after having it done but Colby has always had slow digestion since his stroke so for us it hasn\'t been a problem at all. I\'ve found that when we have a hard decision to make on a procedure and whether or not to do it I keep seeing things about it almost like it\'s shoved in my face until we get it done. I hope that makes sense and that you make a decision that you are comfortable with. I wish you luck and peace in your decision!

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Impressive! That is a pretty amazing time.

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That would be awesome! My mom was telling me briefly about your son awhile ago. Isn\'t the basal ganglia insane? I mean that it\'s so small yet it controls basically everything or at least how everything interacts with everything else. I\'m glad you found my blog. I was sitting here feeling really restless and bad that I hadn\'t updated in so long and I figured now would be as good a time as any. Hopefully we are coming out that direction at the end of October I\'d love to meet you and your little man also!

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Hi Marie,
Sorry I didn\'t answer you back very quickly. It\'s been busy as usual around here. I\'m sorry about your mom\'s cancer return. I have my husband taking Graviola in addition to his chemo. Keep in mind I\'m not a doctor it\'s just what I felt drawn to when I was doing research after his diagnosis. It\'s supposed to help the cells fight the cancer but there is very little research on it. I use Vitacost to buy mine it\'s in a red and black bottle with a guy on the front. As far as the ODD goes we\'ve got her on a couple different medications for her bipolar disorder but the most effective thing for her was going to a pediatric therapist who basically told her all the same things I\'d been telling her. She just needed to hear it from someone else I guess. I\'ve also been giving her fermented cod liver oil/butter oil from green pastures and there is some growing research on supplementing mental disorders with niacin. I have not started her on the niacin because she tends to run manic and it can make mania worse. I will probably keep it on my list of things to try with her and when it is winter again and she swings back toward a more depressive mood add it in. I hope that helps and hang in there. I know it\'s a rough road!

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Not rude, dumb or naive! We actually asked at the appointment! In the long run this class of chemo can cause leukemia. So cure one cancer to give yourself isn\'t really the best plan of action. They still don\'t know the best course for this chemo because as far as brain tumors go it\'s a relatively new drug in that it\'s been used for less than 15 years I think. Some go with lower doses for 18 months to two years and others go with the higher dose for one year which is the plan he is on. Hopefully it is the best one for us!