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I agree with your statement "our moral instincts are shorthand about what our minds have analyzed to be the best methods for human flourishing".
In this, I see a need to restore and keep the minds of humanity to a state of physical and emotional health. When you have sick minds, including malnourished, fearful, drug/alcohol abused, religion-indoctrinated minds, the assumptions about what is best for human flourishing is skewed.
But in saying that, it's also in the state of fear that we've evolved our brains responses in survival, and hence flourishing. If we can help the world survive easier, the best methods for human flourishing can emerge easier.
Thanks for your article and references.

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Science can help us to validate what is harmful; I recommend this talk by Sam Harris as he presents an argument in support of science as being the basis for a moral society.

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"Who did that and what shall we call it?!"
Evolutionarily we are wired to look for a "who" cause, so that we can fend ourselves from threat of danger.
Not everything has a "who did it" cause. Science has been taking the "who" out of these questions and will continue to do so.

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How we all compromise ourselves to death behind a veneer of cosy acquiescence.

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I agree LEP. People associate this change in where we get our energy from, with pain. People are motivated to avoid pain and seek pleasurable feelings and situations. We need a "feel good" campaign to encourage change.

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Brilliant article, thank you for speaking out about this frightening nonsense.There's too much namby-pambying around to this insanity.

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LEP, yeh, they would also make nice museums one day, and venues for parties. I know of a Church, "St Pauls" that was converted in to nightclub. Not sure it made as much $$$ as it did when it was a Holy Place of Worship and Tit$$thing though.

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I know I'll get a laugh every time I see LEP in the mix!! hahah.

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As far as accepting "easy credit", yes I agree about the evolutionary basis of this. Early humans were often rewarded by impulsive behavior.

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Should I pay back the cost of my education to former share holders of "Telecom", which is where my Dad worked when I was being educated? What about my friend, whose parents worked at BP when their education was paid for? Then there's Hung Sa restaurant, which my other friend's parents owned. Should they pay back the patrons for their education? Diabolical illogic ...........