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Makes sense Eric.

I think my urge to simplify and unify processes has been driving me to want to treat Customer Development as a special case of Agile. It certainly has a lot of the hallmarks, but seems to lack a lot of the concrete processes (how do teams synchronize? how is work split up? how are external requirements introduced? what is the deliverable?).

Agile has answered these questions with specific processes and does it in a way that makes the whole methodology an iterative process that changes to fit the organization.

At the same time, there is a lot of scientific process stuff in Customer Development that I'd love to integrate into Product Development. Heck, I'd love to integrate it into pretty much everything.

I suppose I'm looking for a Grand Unified Theory (and practice). It may not exist, but it is worth exploring.

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Interesting! Thanks for the link.

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I'd love to have Facebook Connect.