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These vests (and similar blankets) are often used in mental health facilities and special needs situations. They do not harm. They are not overwhelming. They actually give the individual a sense of security and feel similar to a bear hug. I think the mother needs to get familiar with the device before she overreacts. I had the opportunity to experience a weighted blanket and I immediately felt calm and safe and I have no special needs or mental deficiencies. If it can be so comforting to the average person imagine how wonderful it must feel for a child who may be experiencing some minor anxiety or distraction. I have a sneaking feeling that this mother is going to be one of those that will pull out the old "not my child" and then wonder why she has an out of control teen.

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I love the fact that I can provide organic sustenance to my children at the same time that I'm teaching them to respect and appreciate nature. The average child in the US is being robbed of this experience. I feel blessed.