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God bless you Ron Paul.

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Wow, what a fu**ing surprise...

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Nothing will ever satisfy the West unless Russia grovels at the feet of Washington...

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The US is officially fucked...

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"U.S. missile defense facilities in Romania and Poland that would be capable of intercepting a missile from Iran aimed at the U.S."
Yeah, sure... Missiles from Iran... They´re either that stupid or they think we are complete morons.

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Ooh, ooh, we should be so scared of the military giant Iran and its crazy, irresponsible rulers.... Give me a break. They say that an Iranian nuke would set off a nuclear arms race in the ME, completely ignoring the fact that Israel already has hundreds of N-heads. And why on earth would Iran even think of starting an offensive war against a fu**ing SUPERPOWER and its "allies" in the region? By the way, how is Iran supposed to prove a negative? That they are not producing a nuclear bomb (in light of all the IAEA inspectors in the country and their reports again and again proving the non-diversion of any uranium to the military or other suspicious areas - not to mention the belief of the ENTIRE US intelligence community( the 16 agencies) that Iran is not after a nuclear bomb. Its like asking a man to prove that he has not read the oxford dictionary. Its hopeless...

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I truly cannot believe that this man is considered by many to be "fringe" while the mainstream presidential candidates are calling for Assange to be executed...My mind hurts when thinking about it.

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The land of the free, ladies and gentlemen!

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Fine article

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Imagine the outrage if any other country in the world would produce that headline: " Most want government to encourage Jews to leave". Replacing Arabs for Jews.