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Sugata Mitra's research suggests that groups of 3-4 children per computer can be more fruitful than 1:1. In groups of such a size, children readily exchange ideas and knowledge about the topic they are investigating, as well as the computer itself.

However, I think it would be difficult to develop some more detailed and higher level ICT skills without 1:1 - for instance learning programming languages or video editing, may be easier with a 1:1 ratio, combined with instant messaging / face to face discussion with peers to discuss the process. However to my knowledge, there is not enough research on this to be able to say with great certainty.

Even with 1:1, it is likely that communication activities emerge - using Facebook as a leisure activity is based on individual computer use, but still is a very social activity. However from a government perspective, is 1:1 really necessary? At this stage, difficult to say for sure, but certainly those countries (e.g. Portugal) that are aiming for 1:1 are currently receiving a lot of praise for their initiative - but how sustainable is this approach? Even with lower cost Netbooks, this is a huge purchasing decision if it is to be implemented on a national level.