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Mongo say that PeterDuncan a very astute observer of Iowa

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Legendary Kinnick Stadium, having been in that location before the Hospital does not need to move. The people who bought property on Melrose have made TONS of money parking cars; they didn't complain about lining their pockets with that revenue stream. It's NOT broke, so don't try fixing it

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KCRG trying to get a story where there isn't one. Mayor of Iowa City Matt is a reaonable guy. He favors the vendors. Boothroy will go the same way as Erin Buzuvis and her Pink Locker room protest. Into oblivion

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Seems like the LEFT leaning folks who run KCRG are a bit Gun-shy about mentioning that Burt was a DEMOCRAT legistlator.

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ADDENDUM to KCRG's Story..........They apparently conveniently forgot to mention that

Burt is a DEMOCRAT

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Well, the problem is, you cannot get elected to ANY office in Iowa City without being a Card-carrying, committed Left-wing Democrat. That's they way of life in south Johnson Co.

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Agree with justcuzi..........VERY COOL Fly over. The BEST in BIG TEN history, I'd say

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Why is it that liberals always RUSH to judgement, yet want to lawyer-up as soon as possible when they break the laws?

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Realityfolks: Since you're apparently an expert on Iowa law. Can you look up the part that says Marriage is between one man and one woman? Thanks.

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Looks like a decent guy to me and if he touched a person's thigh in Golf Instruction, so freakin what?
Was this just some pinhead DA in hickville looking for some lime-lite???