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Old James Bond movies don't make for good cultural references. I suspect his understanding of Haiti is limited to Baron Samedi's depiction in Live and Let Die.

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'Hamas is like the Nazi government.'
2009, the year analogy finally gave up and died. Shame, it used to be such a useful rhetorical tool.

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Canadian here - bloody embarrassing I tell you. But what can you do? The government here will remain a minority which pleases the citizenry, but ministers like Neo-con Jason Kenney remain entrenched in key cabinet positions.

I mean really, check out the Wiki write-up on him. This has got to be my favourite paragraph:

"In August 2006, Kenney compared Hezbollah with the Nazi Party of 1930s Germany. He also rebuked Prime Minister of Lebanon Fuad Saniora for having criticized Canada's support for Israel in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Saniora had argued that most nations of the world, apart from Canada, regarded Israel's military actions in Lebanon as disproportionate and illegal. Kenney's response was, "Canada took a responsible position and I would hope that the Lebanese prime minister would express gratitude" for supporting attempts to help the Lebanese government regain control over those parts of its territory controlled by Hezbollah."

Gratitude I tell you! I couldn't make this shit up!

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Actually I thought your opening comment was quite good, and you countered Sebastian well enough.
The weak point was where you said the US should cut off all relations with Israel - understood as diplomatic by the crowd. This didn't particularly make sense and sounded like an angry statement.

In any case, Dershowitz raises my blood pressure too. His habit of telling students they are on drugs or stupid when they criticize Israeli or US policy is offensive. But you did get him to go manic and start yelling "bigot, bigot". That was priceless. No worries, while I couldn't hear your second sentence, I heard you mocking the "anti-semitism" call - I'm quite certain the audience agreed.

I enjoyed the debate enough to comment. The Podcast is here: