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Interesting article. Having been on a long, frustrating and so far unprofitable entrepreneurial journey I can assure anyone setting out now that they need to be prepared for a hard slog that may not get them anywhere - even if they do have a great idea. And you're right, Nic, self-starting is the most important of all the entrepreneurial requirements. Every time you get a kicking (and there are lots to be had along the way) you have to get right back up and keep going with renewed enthusiasm and belief. You have to get used to rejection too, especially if you're raising capital, and to dealing with some of the rudest and most arrogant people you're ever likely to meet.

It isn't a road for everyone. But when you know the scale of your opportunity, you know you're right about your market and you know you can deliver your idea and the success it will bring, you don't really have a choice. There is no turning back once you've made that leap of faith.