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No in my opinion, based on period document research the Morrill Tariff Act, as some claim, was not what started the, not so or descriptively tagged “civil war”, but the War Between the States. It contributed but was not THE CAUSE.

The American War Between the States of 1861-1865 was caused by the pro-industrialist’s, “robber barons” in the 1860s, of which Lincoln was one, scheme to pack the U.S. House of Representatives with pro-industry delegates from the northeastern region and later from the new western states coming into the Union following the illegal purchase of the Louisiana Territory in order to pass punitive tariff bill, which would extract large amounts of funds from the pro-agriculture southern states and their overseas partner buyers and shippers to be awarded, by a Republican controlled Congress and President, to the pro-industrialists in the Northeast for the building and expansion of their ‘great’ American Industrial Revolution to counter England’s very successful Industrial Revolution successes. Their goal was to control world commerce from the Northeast United States.

The pro-agriculture U.S. House delegates realized that with a pro-industrial U.S. House the South was perhaps forever shut out of the legislating and U.S. central government process and that the pro-industralists Republican majority, extensions of the pro-industralist northern industrialists would totally control the economy of the nation. Their only recorse was armed revolution or peaceful withdrawal from the Union, which they chose following the election of minority President Abraham Lincoln and a Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives.

Lincoln’s sole purpose was to keep collecting the high, as much as 80% of all the taxes going into the Union Treasury, tariff and shipping duties in the Union Custom Houses in the pro-agriculture state territories.

Lincoln would have let the seceding states go if they had agreed to allow him and the Union to continue collecting the high tariffs and duties on agriculture products, their shippers, buyers and on the products they bought overseas and shipped back to the South.

Lincoln and Winfield Scott engineered a scheme to create an excuse for Lincoln to unconstitutionally call up Union militia troops, threaten South Carolina with military intervention and when that failed to actually use his military force to attack the Confederate States of America at Manassas, Virginia with orders to proceed to the new national capital of the Confederacy at Richmond, to surround Richmond and capture the entire Confederate Central Government and call them traitors liable for death sentences. That attempt failed miserably. Lincoln them because of his propensity as a narcisstic sociopath resolved to crush the entire Confederacy.

Lincoln and Scott had developed a war plan to encircle the entire pro-agriculture South and wage war at their leisure to force the southern states back into the Union. Key to Lincoln and Scotts plan, eventually called the Anaconda Plan, was the control of two key military staging locations, Charleston Harbor and Pensacola Harbor…the location of Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens. Once adequate military stores, weapons, ships and troops were stages the military units at Fort Sumter would take Charleston and then march west to the Mississippi to link up with the troops and ships moving up the Mississippi River to join up with the Union troops out of Charleston. In the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Union ships would blockade all southern ports. Once the noose was around the Confederate states the Union would began their targeted military assaults on key ports, cities and states until the Confederate states capitulated.

The War didn’t fold out as Lincoln and Scott planned but the assaults did occur and Lincoln eventually would order total war on the south and its agriculture capability. Heads of states in many foreign countries condemned Lincoln’s total war tactic against the South and its people. Lincoln’s total war resulting in the death of over 50,000 southern civilians and total destruction of their ability to shelter and feed themselves.

That is what started The War in 1861…”Taxation without representations”!

Al Barrs

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DNA will settle whether or not the teeth are related to Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon, i.e. Modern Humans. The interesting news is that scientists have been adamant for years that modern human ancestors originated in east Africa some 250,000 years ago and branched from chimpanzees some five million years ago. They claim that Modern Humans are the descendants of the other humanoids found in Africa, but present no factual evidence.

Scientists have steadfastly resisted suggestions from others, such as me, who warned that modern humans may have migrated into Africa from elsewhere when forced to migrate south during a glaciations period. Your Africans of today were not your Africans of 250,000 or 400,000 years ago.

No evidence exists to link other pre-human species or chimpanzees with Cro-Magnon or Modern Man. If Modern Humans evolved from chimpanzees some five million years ago, why are chimpanzees still chimpanzees and we modern humans are far superior in brainpower, knowledge and skills? No knowledge is known and no evidence exists about where Modern Human originated and developed their knowledge and skills since the primary DNA link was broken some 60,000 to 70,000 years ago…perhaps by the nuclear winters caused by the eruption of Mount Tabor in Indonesia some 70,000 years ago that left only 2,000 to 3,000 modern humans alive to repopulate the globe.

There is much more to be learned before any conclusion about Modern Humans, i.e. Cro-Magnon man.

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The Republican GOP is just doing a slow death dance. They are just prolonging the inevitable. The establishment elite republican cabal has controlled the Republican Party long enough and far to long. They are to blame for the slide toward progressivism that allowed Barack Obama and the Marxist Democrat establishment elite to take over the government and spend us into deep debt. The tug between the Republican elite progressives and the tea party movement conservatives will in all probability hand Barack Obama and the Democrats the 2012 National election. That will result in the demise of the Republican Party and GOP as we know it today. There will be a new National party that will rise out of the ashes of the progressive wing of the Republican Party and GOP. The tea party conservatives, the independent conservatives and the Democrat Party conservatives will for a coalition that will become The National Tea Party with conservative roots... Al

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Pardon me, but hasn't this feat already been done a long time ago? Some university student built a solar plane that flew... How does this attempt advance the science and technology beyond the first project?

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It is obvious what the far left ultra liberal Associated Press is attempting to do with this article, make the Republicans the punching bag and defend Obama's obvious failures. Didn’t work, won't work AP! You can’t make a purse out of a pig’s ear by more finger pointing.

Rahm Emanuel is a worthless shill for the Administration’s Marxist ideology. He is Obama’s storm trooper brown shirt of the Whitehouse.

What Rep. Joe Barton said was totally accurate, Obama’s goal was to shake down BP for money he could use to pay off more election debts and help pay for more bribes for the November 2nd mid-term election. Obama is a money hungry snake oil salesman.

Bottom line, Obama is desperate and in quicksand. They are grasping onto every straw they can reach and this is just another one.

BP is responsible for the oil leak, but Obama was and is responsible for preventing the oil from coming onshore and cleaning it up but he doesn’t even have the leadership and organizational skill to do that. So, who thinks he has any hope of managing the plugging of the oil well? Not me!!! He is a total failure and the worst president ever...

Former President Carter should be elated! He will finally loose his worst president legacy to Obama and his Administration…

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Using the hyphenated word “anti-incumbent” is nothing more than a diversion by corrupt politicians and their propaganda news media! The oft spoken “anti-incumbent” mood has nothing to do with the average legal United States citizen’s disgust with what is going on in our Federal government.

Bottom line…the majority of we legal citizens of the United States of America love our Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights and we will fight to the death to preserve them and our freedoms, families and fortunes, meager as they may be. That is what this discourse is all about…period.

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Impeach Obama! To all the hand-wringing Democrats who see their party, cause, freedoms and fortunes fading away under a Marxist regime, if you are fed up with Barack Obama’s attempts to socialize our Republic and his destruction of the current Marxist led Democrat Party, you have a window of opportunity to rectify your mistake of putting a hardcore Marxist in the White House. You have your best opportunity until November 2, 2010 to take your party back and salvage the more conservative members of you Democrat Congressional delegation. You have your best opportunity to out Obama and clean up the once proud Democrat Party. The real question is, do you have the intestinal fortitude to take action, or will you just go along to get along and hope for constructive change? If you and your Democrat Congressional don’t take this opportunity to vindicate your party, shut up and stop complaining and we will do the changing for you in November. Demand Congress impeach President Barack Obama according to our Constitutional remedies.

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The NAACP is stirring the fire to enlarge their own financial coffers. They have by and large become irrelevant in the past decade and are desperate for an issue to replenish their coffers. They want to sue the firearm manufacturers because that is where the money they hope to obtain is. They should instead be suing black leadership organization, like the NAACP, who spend little to no time or funds to counsel black parents and children about how to fit into society and help them with job training and education efforts. They do nothing to help stop drug sales and use by their own population. Bottom line the NAACP is just self-serving and money hungry...

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THR MAY 13th

California is boycotting Arizona, their business partner, for no other reason than to hopefully garner funding from President Obama’s socialist Congress. California is throwing Arizona under the bus for the “hope” that Obama and Congress will bail them out of bankruptcy.

I have a Dream! Fair turnabout…let’s all boycott California…


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MON MAY 10th

Leave it to the far left liberal Associated Press to print whatever Obama’s enablers says without confirming that it is truthful…

The AP article stated, “The top U.S. prosecutor (Holder) said he understands the frustration behind the Arizona law, but he warned during an appearance on ABC's "This Week" that "we could potentially get on a slippery slope where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done." And Holder went on misrepresenting the AZ law by saying, “The law empowers police to question anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally, and that could lead to what some see as harassment of the state's large Hispanic population.” Since when do we prosecute people or states for what someone thinks might occur, or as Holder put it "potentially"?????? This Holder is as much a lightweight as Obama...

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! The Arizona law, if the author will read it…and I have several times, states that law enforcement officers must have already engaged an individual about another suspected violation of an existing law…although I don’t know why since being within the borders of the United States without proper government authorization is illegal. Why isn’t there a law against a government official knowing telling lies to the people of the U.S.A.

Holder, President Obama, and Congress should fear a “slippery slope” because they are not doing their job and what we pay them for. Now they are lying to us. President Obama also lied about what the law dictates to AZ law enforcement officers! Have we become a nation of lyres now? Their strong arm grip on our Constitution, laws, people and states is slipping and states are slowly taking back their Constitutional rights for their people, with their approval I might add.