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Totally agree with you. It's always disappointing for something like that to happen, it just seems that in a perfect scenario (second and third no one out) that our favorite team (not tongue-in-cheek) finds a way to get nothing out of it. :( Hopefully that turns around this weekend in the sandbox in Cinci.

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Why are you surprised? That's something the Braves have done several times a year even when we were winning division titles.

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There's a possibility we could trade for Brian Roberts from Baltimore (2B) and move Kelly to the outfield...just a possibility though, nothing certain.

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I totally agree..we would not have felt the same way about comments from Jake Peavy or AJ Burnett. Lowe has been a team player wherever he's been and he 100% fits the Braves culture.

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seriously, Young's contract is about $10 mill more than KJ's will be this year and will only go up. Plus offensively, KJ was much better than Young in his first two seasons in the bigs. Give him time.

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More interesting news of Peavy rumors:
ESPN Article on Peavy Rumors

"Multiple sources consider it likely the Padres will deal Peavy in the weeks ahead, and that is a virtual certainty that he will be traded before the July 31 deadline next season. The Padres are seeking at least two young pitchers in return, along with someone who can become the team's everyday center fielder sometime in the immediate to near future."

Morton/Reyes, a Double A Pitcher, Hernandez/Schafer? Not many other teams can match that.

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We just need to give Kotchman more time. He came from a winning situation where he was a cog, but not a major cog, to a losing situation where he believes he's expected to be a major cog. A power bat signing in the outfield would be good protection for a singles-doubles hitter like Kotchman.

On another note, Jojo Reyes had a quality start against the Mets on Tuesday night. Good to see Jojo getting back on track, unfortunately, the bullpen held together like the first little piggy's house and fell down when the "big bad" Muts took advantage of the poor pitching.

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I hope Hudson responds well to the rehab after treatment. He's been pretty durable in his career and should be back within a year. That said, I think they should hold him out all of next year, UNLESS they're in first place or within 2 or 3 games in August and September next year.

The reason being, I think most pitchers take about 15-16 months to get their velocity back and that's such an important factor in Hudson's pitching style, we saw what happened when he was a little slower, he got clobbered earlier in the year.

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It's sad that .500 over two games qualifies as a "hot bat" for us, but I guess we'll take it. As far as the decision goes, it was most likely the right decision. There was no way Miller was going to be the back up catcher going into next season and Sammons is at least auditioning for a job, if nothing else. Plus he's handled most of these pitchers at the minor league level, including James and Morton and Reyes (if we see him again this year) so he has experience with these young guys and that will definitely help.

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He's gone 3-3 with a 2.50 ERA in his last 10 starts at Richmond, a far cry from the CJ we saw at the beginning of the season. Hopefully he can bring some of that stability and success with him to Atlanta this weekend.