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just entered for the last time!!! im so mad i didn't get a chance to get on here and blog much this time! being in school is harder than i thought...busy, busy ,busy all the time! lol

i just wanted to say good luck to all that entered! whoever wins this beautiful home will be truly blessed!!

they have really been gettin busy with all these houses...were already onto the next one! its so exciting!!! now we can dream all the time!!! : )


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you're so good at this OAF! i got as far as googling the Bunkers and when i saw NY i drew a blank on where to go from there! lol this is so fun watching the clues unravel from the beginning, i havent done this yet. Mary gave us a few back to back...that will keep everyone busy for a bit. i dont know the protocol on when the clues come but its gonna be another LONG but fun ride!! : )

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ahh...i love coming to this blog and seeing that particular pic of the kitchen on this thread...i can see myself standing at that sink admiring the view as i prepare dinner or wash the dishes.... or my favorites...watching the kids play outside or my quiet ritual of observing nature as im making coffee in the very early hours of the morning.... the simple things in life : ) i am truly loving this house and though the state is one i never thought to live in, they picked a wonderful spot for this home!

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thanks i was wondering what was going on with that! i didnt make it to the blog to check bit im glad i found the answer as soon as i got here today : )

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i would definitely see about making it into an apartment or something somewhere down the line...but probably make it into a cool family hangout until then! the wonderful thing about this house is the added features of the barn and even the basement where the possibilities are endless. you can customize to your hearts content! : )

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thanks for answering...i know it said in the prize value that select furnishing were included but i just wasn't sure if more was to be added that wasn't there to-date. thanks for clearing that up. i love the fact that there is so much usable space that have not been destined for some predetermined purpose. so much room to play with and let your imaginations go wild on!!! i just love this place!!! what has been done already is practically perfect for me and i wouldn't have wanted anymore done to it than there has been in regards to the other bdrms. the basement leaves tons of possibilities as well as that amazing barn! the only thing that i wouldn't have minded would have been to finish the mudroom but thats easy enough and would be great to personalize!!! im really excited about this one!! so much to dream about! : )

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so i just want to make sure i got this right, the furniture you see in place now...stays in the house? and whatever is not done at this point will not be finished? like the extra bdrms and laundry? i've been combing through the blogs but didnt see a reference. any help on this?

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i can totally imagine your rescue shelter here Jane!! : ) good luck to you! how have you been? i hope your having a great summer...its almost over already, my goodness! where did the time go?!!?

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i agree, as much as i love what they do on the blogs i have always thought that such a big organization as this and HGTV could have at least one person who is in constant contact with us bloggers. they do eventually answer some of our questions if we pester long enough but if they have people monitoring, why not have people joining in on the discussions and answering questions and giving feedback? we are forced to make our own assumptions about a lot of things and get the wrong information sometimes. i really do love what these sites offer both in informative content and personal enjoyment. i so enjoy what everyone has to say and i learn so much about a variety of different things! if i were to tweak it in any way i guess that would be my only complaint was that they could be more involved with their adoring and devoted fans! : )

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i love how the mudroom AND the basement are pretty much empty and ready to do whatever you want with them!!! i cannot live without a large pantry and either (or both) locations can be used for such purposes! you can definitely customize shelving and storage to your needs and add whatever features that you like! i like the ideas of having all the traditional mudroom type things like coat hooks and seasonal weather storage and also having laundry station and accessible pantry at arms reach! definitely needs a door of some sort but if lighting is an issue than have the top half glass to let the light in! : )