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"Shelf-life" of a percentage of these ads may also increase if services like Adkeeper take off.

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This trend will likely accelerate when FB iterates Groups to follow the FBConnect paradigm and allow for groups to exist outside FB's silo while feeding the attention data back to the mothership.

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A share exchange CooP is a brilliant idea for your portfolio companies and a further differentiator making the compelling reason for new ventures to seek out First Round as preferred source of early funding, even more compelling. Bravo!

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Interesting observations. Lots of food for thought.


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Early adopters may also want to consider one I have been looking at which is not on any of the lists for the moment: The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro &

Having lived in about fourteen cities all over the world over the past 43 years, I've settled (more or less!) for an annual combination where I live in Andorra, Paris & Milwaukee (don't laugh about this last one - it is one of America's best kept secrets - this, coming from an ex-New Yorker!). Unusual blend. Wonderful diversity.

Spent quite a lot of time in St. Remy over the years and have to agree that it is beautiful (but can also feel like watching paint dry after a while). For those of you who like to ride, check out owned by a fellow transplanted Brit friend of mine, David Griffiths (tell him "Sasha" sent you!). Liked Copenhagen too. Also discovered "Breda" in Spain - close to Barcelona - has the best weather in Spain. Spanish Royalty used to retreat to Breda.


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Thanks for the invites. Just "Topified" three other twitter accounts we have for "defensive" purposes.

Can't wait to see the additional functionality you are cooking up. As you know the one key feature I would like to see is LinkedIN data pulled into the Topify follower notification emails!

I just noticed something really frustrating with the Twitter "Welcome" emails you get when you set up a twitter account - particularly for those setting up multiple twitter accounts. You get a generic email with no attribution as to which twitter account is being confirmed. No friendly URL's etc. are included. So you have to remember each of the twitter accounts you set up as you have no email confirmation/welcome to archive!

For example, to Topify our 3 additional accounts, I had to go to and sign into each account to figure out which email address etc. I had used. Why? Because when I looked for the reference "Welcome"/confirmation emails I had received from Twitter, all I had were 3 generic emails. Devil is in the details and this is a very basic ease of use bit that twitter has overlooked. Maybe they have too much funding?!

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Thanks for this. I really like her style of music. Gives me the same feeling I did when I was introduced to the work of India Airie.

Off topic:
BTW, using Topify and loving it. Great time saver. Can you incorporate LinkedIN profile daya (where available) in the the emails we receive?


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From your experience, who serves the very best pizza in PARIS?

I live there part time (going back on Saturday!) and I have not been able to find a good one.

BTW, in the unlikely event that you find yourself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you absolutely must try they are a 50 year old institution in the city known for beer and Harley Davidson and their thin crust pizzza's are beyond extraordinary.

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Oriel: Here's another likely winner you can add to your list:

"NuConomy was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel and is now headquartered in San Francisco, California. Its executive team is comprised of former Microsoft and Google leaders. NuConomy completed its A Round financing in 2008 from WPP Group, one of the world’s leading communications services groups."