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The elephant in the room is why rescuers were ordered to stand down...why the Americans beseiged were abandoned by the administration. I have seen no informed (with evidence) explanation for what happened. At this point it seems to make no sense. I am aware that the administration is capable of anything, and I mean anything to hold on to power, and to destroy America by any means possible, but why did this happen? Was it sheer indolence, not caring, better things to do, or is something big being hidden. I incline towards the latter, but admit I have no evidence. Motive here is extremely important.

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The words and actions of Insp. Ricky Veerappan of the York regional police are a disgrace and shame all the officers in the York police service. Free speech is guaranteed under the Canadian constitution. Since he is unwilling to defend free speech, I suggest he seek employment elsewhere. How astonishing that he is still employed there. What does the chief of police have to say about this matter? Nothing? Perhaps he too should consider shuffling off. Where do these imbeciles come from? They might consider reading a few relevant books on the matter, perhaps something by Robert Spencer. Pamela Geller is a giant. When I hear something like this, it always concerns me that guns are entrusted to such flawed characters.

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It seems to me that that the constitution is being treated under the current administration not as law, but as guidelines that may be ignored as the government chooses. It also seems to me that at some point down the road when Americans wake up to the evil machinations of the Obamanazis, lamp posts may come to be used for purposes other than lighting, although certainly for the elimination of an oppressive darkness that has descended upon the land. The only mitigating factor of mob democracy is a constitution that limits power. Not only are those in power subverting the constitution, they appear to have subverted democracy itself through corruption of the electoral process. When the awakening comes it will not be pretty.

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Please explain why he should, or should have to move in order to enjoy freedom in America. Run from bullies? One would be wise to do so, if possible, in countries like Cuba or Russia, but in America? Part of the American legacy is to stand your ground. Move? I don't think so.

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Thanks, Echo. Among all the madness we need a smile now and again.

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Facebook is less a social networking tool than it is an information-gathering tool. A friend of the Obama administration is no friend of mine, so I have shut down my Facebook account. It is out-and-out dangerous to put photographs of family and friends, opinions, likes and dislikes, and so on, onto Facebook. In the hands of a radical, anti-liberty pack of liars and criminals like the current administration Facebook users are only paving the way to prison camps and mass detentions. Be warned.

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Let me thank you, Bruce, as well. In Canada it's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC, that sucks up enormous taxpayer resources while taking a consistent left/liberal/progressive, multi-cultural, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian position. They deny any bias, of course. Federal money to the CBC has ranged from a low of $1.1-billion in 2006 to a high of $1.14-billion in 2010 and 2011.Only in 2012 were cuts made totalling 27.8 million dollars with further cuts to be made this years and next thanks only to our Conservative government. Jihad? The CBC doesn't like the word. It's call the Mother Corp with some cynicism. One more thing: CBC employees were absent from work an average of 16.5 days. Statistics Canada figures show that public sector workers took an average of 12.6 days off while private sector workers took 8.9 days._

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Good insightful comment, John. Why these people have abandoned us is critically important. It will help us to turn the tide.

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I believe that any sugestion that he has done this through incompetance is in error. It is clear that he and his toadies are deliberately creating a crisis from which he will emerge as the "saviour". I believe that he will use the crisis as an excuse to assume dictatorial power that will sweep aside some if not all of the provisions of the constitution. It matters not if one labels him as a fascist, or communist, he is a statist with all of the attributes that the label implies. He and his supporters are atavistic anti-intellectuals who reject the several thousand years of struggle that the west has endured to become civilized. I regret to have to say it, but all of this backward sliding is the complete responsibility of the humanities departments in the universities who reject the foundations of western culture, and fail their responsibility to protect and nourish it. My personal temptation is always to call Obama a clown, but clowns are generally harmless because they are transparent. Everything the current administration does is deliberate, and designed to destroy individual liberty.

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I believe the word you want is further, not farther.