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It's been a while since I've been here, so I missed this. To my dismay, as I've needed a good laugh lately.

"God has promised Israel..."

Gotta love it. Do you do rain dances for your crops too? It's always amusing to glimpse the superstitious nonsense that primitives substitute for rational thought. Please provide us with some more entertainment.

As for your final question: obviously not all of us have gained enough knowledge to "rule ourselves" - you are a prime example. But please don't presume to speak for me.

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"Wrong. It's not an act of war..." WRONG. It doesn't matter WHO asks or is still an act of war against a sovereign country.

Or Dean, are you arguing that I, as a victim of the Obamanation administration and our Congress of (excepting Paul) Whores, can ask for help and get China to come over here and bomb D.C.?

Give me the phone number, I'll have jets on the way within the hour!

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Ah, yes, another step toward the extinction of the Zionist state. Many thanks to Avigdor Lieberman!

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No, I don't think anyone here has a problem saying that directly. While I don't believe that "destroying America" is actually a goal, benefiting themselves is so obviously a goal that it really doesn't need to be stated.

Yes, it's a drizzle compared to what Israel is used to from the rest of the world, it's a flood compared to the aquiesence of just a decade ago. First the drizzle, then the showers - eventually you will be consumed by the tempest.

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Biden's a moron. It's far to LATE to declare Afghanistan a failure. It's an unmitigated disaster. For Afghanistan, it's people, Americans with a shred of conscience. The only winners are the defense industries making the billions in blood money. Even the remote control murderers flying the drones are losers - even if they don't realize it.

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Israel simply needs to be terminated. Round up the politicians, hang them all, send recent immigrants back to places they came from, return all of the land stolen over the past 60+ years to the original owners or their legal heirs, send the army packing.

These parasites are generating tons of ill will for decent Jews all over the world, who can ill afford it as a perpetual tiny minority. Their control over media and government won't last indefinitely.

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Why isn't this bastard being tried for treason as an agent of a foreign terrorist state (Israel)? It's pretty obvious who's paying his salary.

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Which ones, specifically? I don't think Vonage qualifies, or Amazon. But we need to stay abreast of their doings so as to fully support the boycott, divestiture, and sanctions campaign against Israel.

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No, andrew, zionist money is tainted by evil, of an evil ideology. Back to your settlement, you baby-murdering scumbag!

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70 years ago, we could have found Wayne Simmons crouching in the bunker with his idealogical twin, ole Adolph. He is an evil creature, who would probably kill his own mother if it suited his needs.

As far as learning of the misdeeds of SImmons and his ilk from my so-called "representatives" - well that's the biggest laugh of all. Congress, like Simmons are whores for the defense industry who are the only ones with a vested interest in the death and destruction revealed in this leak.

I wanted to puke listening to this human pustule spouting off.