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Thanks for the look into your adventures!
And I just have to tell you - dump Paint. Google's free Picasa is the best.

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*The Lord of the Rings, of course. Just about every part of God's story is tucked in that one
*A Wrinkle in Time. Realizing a story can be about Jesus even if it doesn't tell you it is.
*Harry Potter. A masterful juggling of sacrifice and people as a mix of good and evil. And each one a fabulous, surprising story.
*A Tale of Two Cities, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Les Miserables. High school english can be worthwhile.
*A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Cadillac Desert. Valuing what God gave us.
*Three Cups of Tea, Mountains Beyond Mountains. Appreciating the difference one person can make.
*Ender's Game, The Golden Compass, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Just great writing.
*My Utmost For His Highest, Water from a Deep Well, Crazy Love, Myth of a Christian Nation, Divine Conspiracy, Love is an Orientation, Simply Christian. Trying hard to be more like Christ.

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1. Just finished: "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan (gut-wrenching, highly recommend)
2. Currently reading: "Water from a Deep Well: Christian Spirituality from Early Martyrs to Modern Missionaries" by Gerald Sittser (both informative and convicting)
3. Excited to read: a Mike Erre book - either "Death by Church" or "Jesus of Suburbia"

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Enjoying the post and comments, Justin. But it cracks me up that all your replies are in video form. I would rather read than watch/listen. Of course, now I know that you were avoiding your Greek studying to read comments :)

608 weeks ago @ ChurchCrunch - Top 60 Church Blogs an... · 2 replies · +1 points is great, but .com is free and easy. There's no tech or cost barrier like there is with .org. Churches and leaders should be encouraged not to let cost or lack of know-how stop them from starting a good blog.

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Is EVERYONE using Because .com use would also be interesting.

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Dang. Convicted again of being a two-year-old with God.

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Our church website uses Wordpress ( We create a post for each sermon. We embed the powerpoint through Slideshare, and use a basic podcast widget to create a podcast enclosure and embedded media player... We only have one pastor preaching, generally, so.... do we really need this? Sell it to me!

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Nice look! Did the pages and pages of feedback on Carlos' updated site affect your style choices? Or just scare you to death?

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Howdy Los! You and John are doing fine work. I just wanted to give you the perspective of someone with a small laptop. Lots of banner, no content:
Also a personal preference.... I like banners that are different with each reload, rather than flash banners. Change makes me woozy :)