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Although a person maybe an expert in a certain field, it is a grave mistake to accept his/her positions in other areas. We all have opinions but are they informed opinions?

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Mark Basseley Youssef previously broke the law, then violated his probation. This enabled the 'powers that be' to jail him. While I personally sympathize with Mr. Youssef, never-the-less he made himself vulnerable and now he pays the piper. We who seek to proclaim truth need to make doubly sure we live it.

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Remember ObamaCare, we thought it was dead on arrival but suddenly it was alive again.

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My question isn't about the local cops, it's about the military. I believe enlisted men swear obedience to the Commander & Chief but the officer corp swear to defend the Constitution. How would that shake out? If the military sides with Obama, any mob of armed citizens will be squashed, quickly.

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A group of organized men will always be able to contain and control a large mob. The Communists were organized but the people we're simply armed individuals.

Hopefully the Supreme Court will knock down this notion of banning guns by executive order. It certainly IS NOT constitutional. But Obama has stacked the court and even so-called conservatives find making their mark on history irresistible.

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In this country we have a Constitution. That Constitution can be amended as prescribed by the Constitution itself. Prohibition was the 18th Amendment to the Constitution and that Amendment was repealed by the ratification of the 21st Amendment. Every few years someone will propose a new amendment to repeal the amendment which limits presidential terms to two. So why not propose the repeal of the 2nd Amendment? The reason is it would never be ratified and would be a political embarrassment to Mr. Obama. It would be interesting to hear if Mr. Obama would publicly endorse the repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

Funny thing is, in a few days Obama will once again swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. One must ask, does this man ever tell the truth.

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The influence of the church within the black community is way over-rated. Yes, the church serves as a focal point for black people but the influence it has with regard ethics and morality are minimal. That's why although the black population is about 15% of our soceity, far more than 50% of prison inmates are black.

In the 2008 election more than 90% of black voters, voted for Mr. Obama. That isn't going to change in the next election. Obama knows he has the black vote locked in, so his focus is to win other specialty groups. The fact is blacks are the most racist group we have in America and as such are the most easily manipulated. Give 'em a bone and they'll come home.

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I agree that stemming Islam within our borders is primary but I do not rule out intervention elsewhere when needed. However, currently I think the US has over stepped what is proper.

The notion that these people can be democratized and that it is our duty to make that happen is way off base.

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I agree.

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I do not believe America should be the World's Policeman, however, Islam is a threat to Western Civilization. It does want to conquer the world ... by force and intimidation. Islam should be recognized as the threat it is and treated accordingly.