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That website was nutty (can't stand it when websites automatically open up with audio of any sort)...Even if they were chic and trendy, as they tried to convey, I'm not so sure I would have visited based on the fact their website made my eyeballs nearly explode!

I get the point of the post and it's an excellent one...I bet you thought you were about to have a burger from the 22nd century based on that website. Glad the food was good at least!

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#1 is awesome "Your not as cool as you think you are" I wish more people knew this, being humble and not so narcissistic is a lost art on the Internet. If you can't say it to someone's face then don't say it at all.

"Your not as cool as you think you are" [Not Now Chief I'm in the zone-cuz I wear my sunglasses at night]