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You are correct in stating that Jesus claimed divinity. So, what options do we have then? 1) He was actually who he said he was. 2) He was not who he claimed to be, thus making him a liar, a con artist, a nut job, or any combination thereof.

Let's use Jesus' grandest miracle as an example: his own resurrection. If, in fact, his resurrection was a hoax, then why didn't those who crucified him in the first place produce his body? This would have abruptly ended the movement. Problem solved.

Perhaps, you might say, his followers stole and hid the body of their fallen savior.

Jesus' death without resurrection would have proven him to be a false messiah, no? It isn't realistic to assume that his followers would have put their own lives at risk by attempting to steal the body of one who proved to be a false messiah. Further, is not likely that eleven of his twelve disciples would have died a martyr's death proclaiming Jesus' name. Keep in mind, these men were fearful cowards following the crucifixion of Jesus. Following the resurrection, however, they were transformed, boldly testifying for the resurrection.

In 1 Corinthians 15:6, Paul claims the resurrected Jesus appeared to 500 people, most of whom were still alive at the time. Skeptics could have gone straight to one or more of these living sources in order to confirm the resurrection was a hoax.

The tomb was empty on Easter Sunday. Why wasn't Jesus' resurrection exposed as deception?

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Don't get me started on the "straw man." You entire argument about God not healing amputees is a straw man. You ask the question with a horribly shallow understanding of prayer, observe the amputee has not sprouted another limb, and thus tear down the caricature you have created.

Jesus did not pray "my will be done," but rather "thy will be done." Prayer is not self-serving and self-seeking. Prayer is not about getting what I want. Prayer is about God, God's will, God's sovereignty, God's glory, humility, relationship, the cross, the gospel... Prayer is not about me. Eleven of Jesus' 12 disciples died a martyr's death. Do you not think that they prayed?

". Science, observable reality, can tell us the likely hood of something's existence, but nothing humans can imagine can be proven to not exist."

Prove to me, with science, that love exists. Prove to me, with science, that compassion exists. Prove to me, with science, that indifference exists. Prove to me, with science, that belief exists. Prove to me, with science, that faith exists.

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Don: I would be interested to hear your reaction to this lecture by J.P. Moreland about "The Modern Search for the Historic Jesus." It's an hour long, but well worth your time, in my opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts and reaction.

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Would you further explain this statement: "The date of Jesus' birth is significant to His establishment as an historical figure."

Do you doubt that this Jesus from Nazareth existed? Serious historians, Christian or not, do not doubt that Jesus existed. Or do you feel the date is important in terms of reconstructing the "historical Jesus?"

Can we assume that there are multiple historical figures for which we do not know an exact year/date of birth?

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Thanks a lot for clarifying your comment and intent. Admittedly, I may have made some unfair assumptions here regarding your intentions, etc. I apologize for misreading you.

This is encouraging, though. I look forward to our dialog. At the very least, I hope we can come to a better understanding of one another's position. I hope to reply to your above comments soon.

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I think it is relevant to point out here that Christians are the intended audience of this post. I certainly don't want to discourage you from posting - I do enjoy dialog and you are welcomed to comment. That said, it seems as if you are attempting to take this post in a direction it was not intended to go. Admittedly, the intended purpose of this blog is not to spark an apologetic debate between Christians and athests. Rather it is largely intended to encourage, challenge, and create dialog between other Christians. I have only a limited amount of time to write here and unfortunately I can't cover it all.

Despite all of this, I will respond to your comment.

It's interesting that you refer to chains of dogma and "blind" faith. It seems that there is dogma and "blind" faith associated with atheism, no? All atheist claims are supported and proven by iron-clad, scientific evidence?

On whom does the burden of proof rest? The professing Believer? The atheist? Both? Neither?

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Thanks again for your comments, donK, but I'm afraid I can't allow you to hijack my posts. Your comment and article link have little to do with the main theme of this post.

Further, you have misunderstood if you thought yourself to be the intended audience of this post. The quote above clearly states, "...most of us, AS PROFESSING CHRISTIANS, do not really know how to love God" (emphasis added).

The question here is "Do Christians know how to love God?" The question is not "Does a God actually exist for Christians to love?"

That said, you obviously think that I love God because I am ignorant. Point taken.

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Thanks for your comment, donK.

I'm not sure I'm tracking with your argument. An amputee prays that God would heal him. The amputee is not healed. Therefore God does not exist.

Am I missing something here?

Further, this is not a post about healing. This is a post about trails and suffering. Check the tags: fear, health, Matt Chandler, suffering, trial.

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Thanks. I'm really looking forward to working with Wordpress here.

Intense Debate has always served me well. Hope you like it!

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Thanks Calvin. I appreciate that.

I'm positive that questions will arise. Perhaps I will have to pick your brain about the comments issue sometime...