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Hi Brian,

I am from Germany, live in Munich, 30 kilometers from Dachau and have several comments:

Firstly, the issue is not the Holocaust itself, since that question has been answered in the most atrocious matter possible millions of times. Calling it a controversial issue is adding insult to injury.

Secondly, most people will agree that crimes against humanity are numerous, but that does not make one individual crime against humanity more 'acceptable' or less relevant.

Thirdly, it is irrelevant that these groups don't have many members today. There were not millions of Nazis as of day one, like any other movement they grew over time.

Fourthly, movements need platforms to grow by being able to address and 'convince' large audiences. That is incidentally one fundamental principle for the success of social networks like Facebook.

So for me a major point worth debating is whether you can you cop out of a 'moral obligation' when effectively running and controlling a social network with some 200 million members?

Freedom of speech doesn't mean looking away!