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Outdoor lighting is key! We live in a semi-rural part of Vermont and have a big fenced in yard attached to our apartment - but not a lot of lighting! Combining solar powered lamps, tiki torches (and perhaps a nice new fire pit) add warmth and make the yard feel cozy!

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Black and white tile backsplash, white cabinets, black marble countertop, orange / red appliances.

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As far as our home, we haven't been able to do much as we live in an apartment, but: we have been switching our lights over to CFL's. The majority of our furniture is stuff we've found on the road that we have refinished/restored. In our daily lives: my boyfriend rides his bike to work each day. We also collect newspapers from neighbors and co-workers and donate them to the local animal shelter to use for kennel lining (recycling is not easily accessible in the area so most people throw away their newspapers). I am also a vegetarian...(the meat industry produces more greenhouse gases than all SUVS, cars, trucks, ships, etc in the world combined).

Love this piece of artwork! It was my favorite piece in the Green Home!