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Yup. I had been wondering what Microsoft was going to do with regards to the video tag, given that they now have Silverlight as a platform to "protect" and would definitely like a slice of the online video pie from Adobe.

It's frustrating that the Web and HTML/XHTML has managed to mature to the point where now (with IE8... mostly) there's a pretty standard interpretation of the code in most browsers without having to do a whole lot of extra work—and now this feels like a step backwards.

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You're correct in that the GPL isn't limiting WordPress—at least, I don't think so. Daniel's argument is that more developers might be attracted to the project if it were released under a more "liberal" open source license, and he might be right, but WordPress (and Daniel points this out in his own argument) has been hugely successful in part due to the GPL.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence, brother. :)

I've tried to sketch out a few times in brief what an app like this would look like and it's not the easiest thing in the world. The Olive Tree apps come pretty close, but they violate a few general iPhone usability guidelines.

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Slowing down your decision-making process is part of what listening is all about. I'm not surprised by what you've just shared.

To bring in another space program example, what if the management at NASA had listened to the engineers who I understand had consistently requested more information on the status of Columbia while it was in orbit?

The idea of obtaining consensus still strikes me sometimes as a bit 1980's-Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-y, where every time you run into a crisis, you get everyone together and talk it out. But I'm reminded constantly and keep reading that leaders also do a great job of surrounding themselves with capable and exceptional people.

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I'm *way* out of practice, but I'm going to offer some discussion anyway.

There is indeed a "theme" running through the pericopes for a given day. It's also expressed in the hymns used for a service and the propers of the day.

I appreciate what's said above about preaching the texts (plural). The people you serve have needs, flaws, sins, and sorrows. You attend to them as part of your vocation. The texts—and the thematic links between them—are what God is using to speak to them on the occasion of the Sunday. Without ridiculous allegorizing or stretching the text somewhere it doesn't fit, what is the message that is needed? What exposition or explanation helps to bring the texts into relief for your people?

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(Somehow, I made IntenseDebate explode on this post this morning. I don't know what happened.)

I don't own Wingren, but it's on my shopping list right now as one of the things I definitely want to pick up. I thought I had an old copy somewhere, but couldn't find it.

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Twitter's not a business model.

It's as much a means of interpersonal communications as the phone call or the email; it just works differently. The level of transparency in communications provided by a service like Twitter is disarming at first, to be sure, but I will be the first to say that any person or organization not willing to be transparent is one I automatically do not trust.

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Its primary use is as a communications tool.

Sometimes, it's just easier for me to update everyone on my Twitter follow list by posting a single Tweet. I can get the word out on something much more quickly using the service. I've networked with people I would otherwise never have had contact with.

"Marketing" using Twitter is nothing without trust. The same applies to Facebook.

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The key to remember with the information revolution is that more and more of what you say is accessible to everyone in the public eye. What I'm typing right now will eventually become a matter of permanent and freely-accessible Internet record.

As Christians (Lutherans), though, is that really something to fear? A little more care and consideration before speaking/typing is not necessarily a bad thing.

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I'm looking forward to testing out At Bat this evening for the first game of the season. I'll get a feeling how long my iPod touch battery will last when the WiFi is in full use and the screen is on.

Braves at Phillies. 7 p.m. CT!