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Super Fist of the Wildly Swinging Arms!

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Because everyone knows that punching a table is the best way to deal with incessant screeching.

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From GassyMexican's view, with his texture pack, Charlie looks completely distraught as opposed to normally sad.

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Find a new pair of shoes so that I can go 10 minutes without one of the others cracking a joke about them.

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The crescendo events are all hoedowns.

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If I were to see this whilst smashing vases and destroying small bits of foliage, I would definitely stop and spend all of my pilfered cash on whatever else they sell in there, besides that powerful drink.

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I just realized something that is unrelated to the Medic, but relevant to this video.

The reason why they made TF2 free now is a one word answer: Hats.

With the Mann Co. Store having the purchasable means to get extremely rare hats, players open so many Mann Co. Crates in hopes of getting one of said hats. Since the chance is so low, they're selling lots of keys. Even if was guaranteed that you get an unusual after unboxing 10 crates, Valve still pockets 25 dollars per unusual hat put into circulation. It's a very smart way of making even more money out of Team Fortress 2.

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Why not? I feel that pigeons are fine. Doves, however, really appear to like the inner human body...

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The only flaw with the video is not with the Medic, but with the Demoman. When he's wheeling down the hill, he has a grenade launcher on his lap. When he falls out and lands on his face, a sticky launcher lands in front of him.

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Actually, Loch Ness Hamster, by the looks of it. A truly fearful beast, I assume.