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Would watch so hard. Would also like to help if needed/wanted.

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I think the only thing keeping me from jungling more... junglers (grammar check?) is the fact that I have more moths than dollars in my wallet. I plan on grabbing Nocturne next, then maybe that new champion if I see he's good jungler.

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Shawn what do you usually play? If you need a jungler, feel free to employ an Udyr/Lee Sin/Nunu. I would gladly work for those codes.

IGN: Aboithagameboi

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I've got two Josh Vochatzers, one on Highway Avenue and one on Southwest Drive. Which one are you?

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You're the very first one on that list. "Winning by Losing." Just wanted to point that out.

Let's see..... DeviantArt, Roblox, Gaia, Fanfiction.net, xanga (What is that?). you get around the internet don't you?

Either way, you must be Mr. Joshua "Sn1p3r" Vochatzer, from Shawnee, Kansas. Works at Dave & Buster's. Went to Bonner Springs High. And you have a Battlefield cover photo, that's always nice. You like Captain America too (but not Batman? That's a shame. Might want to look into him).

Anyways, I have connections. Near Shawnee, actually. Very near Shawnee. And none of us want to look at your bullshit. So I'll ask nicely.

Stop being a gigantic cock. Or suffer the consequences.
You can tell me your plan for Halolz and I can MAYBE tell the connection to hang up the whip.

It's up to you, really. Feel free to PM me over IntenseDebate. Or you can keep being a cunt. Either way, you've fucked up.

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Don't be silly Alpar. He didn't have enough hats yet.

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>Post as Shawn
>Immediate +1s everywhere.

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The funny part? Check his right pocket. Gold chain.

Dear god... it's a bit chilly in here...

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Rule #1 of Halolz:
Leave your soul at the door

Rule #2:
See Soapdish for your ticket to Hell

Never complain about why someone's submission got in over your's. Makes you look bad and in turn it makes Halolz look bad.

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I couldnt understand a single word of that.

I am so happy.